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The owner of the burger house declared war on the hygienists and the police: VIDEO Aggressive even after an astronomical fine –


Since Monday, strict measures have been in place throughout Slovakia, which have disadvantaged the unvaccinated and favored the vaccinated and the overcome. Since Monday, most districts have been black or burgundy and only two districts have been red. For the unvaccinated, this meant, for example, that they could not go to a restaurant. Only those who were vaccinated or overtaken could enter the establishments, and only four people from one household could sit at the table.

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The district of Trnava has been burgundy since Monday. However, the fact that there were to be spacings between the tables, only vaccinated and outdated people to let in, or that only people from one household had to sit at one table, they actively ignored in one fast food operation. An inspection also arrived. However, the operators were not ashamed to publish how they reacted to the words of the hygienist, in full operation. The operator did not hesitate to raise his voice to the hygienist and said that “the legislation is worth the shit”. He also shouted that he did not have the right to ask customers for the necessary documents on the basis of which he could put them into operation. The decision of hygiene was clear – they have to close the operation for 30 days.

From Thursday, however, there is a lockdown and only window sales are allowed for establishments, restaurants and cafes. However, the given operation in Trnava, despite the fact that it was supposed to be closed, processed orders through a window. The police also came to the operation.A maximum fine of EUR 5,000 was imposed on the owner by the police for non-compliance with the RÚVZ regulation on immediate closure., ” informed the state police. However, the owner refused to pay the block fine and therefore his action was notified to the relevant regional public health office in Trnava. This can impose a fine of up to 20,000 euros in administrative proceedings.

VIDEO The police dealt with the Trnava operation: They were supposed to be closed, they risk an astronomical fine!


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