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Drivers ATTENTION: Parliament has approved BIG CHANGES ON THE ROAD! – Pluska.sk


Nov 26, 2021

The priority goal of the amendment is to clearly define and specify the lateral distance when overtaking vulnerable road users. Specifically, it is about overtaking cyclists, but also pedestrians and scooter users. “In the amendment to the law, we define what safety prevention should look like, while the car driver must maintain a sufficient lateral distance, which is at least one meter at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour (km / h) and 1.5 meters at higher speeds. We believe that this small change will help increase road safety, “ said Radovan Sloboda (SaS), Member of Parliament.


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According to MP Miloš Svrček (We are a family), it is important that the driver takes into account, in particular, the speed, type of vehicle and previous vehicle, weather conditions and the condition and nature of the road, which are the basic parameters of safety. In connection with changes in the overtaking of drivers of small motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians, it is also proposed to adjust the rules of drivers also for drivers of self-balancing vehicles and scooters with an auxiliary motorbike. “It is an extension of the law to those road users who have not yet been recognized by the Road Act. At the same time, we propose that the law come into force on 1 March 2022, believing that we will find broad support not only in parliament but also among civil society. depends on the safety of our cyclists, “ added by Romana Tabák (OĽANO).

The plenary also approved an amendment extending the scope of persons to whom vehicle registration information is provided. Information from vehicle registration will also be provided to lawyers. The lawyer will thus be able to obtain information from the vehicle register that he needs just and exclusively in connection with the exercise of his profession.

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Another amendment was also approved, in which it adds to the basic duties of the driver not to endanger cyclists on the cycle path, when turning and entering the road. At the same time, it is forbidden to stop the vehicle not only at the pedestrian crossing and the passage for cyclists, but also at the crossing point. In addition, it is proposed to allow the cyclist not to comply strictly with the obligation to turn left to be as far left as possible on the road section. It also clearly states the priority of everyone who goes straight to those who turn, regardless of the construction form and separation of the road. Preference also applies to cyclists traveling parallel to the main road, mostly after the passage for cyclists. The ban on stopping and standing on cycling infrastructure is also being extended.

The submitters proposed to allow cyclists who accompany or ride a child under the age of 10 to ride on the sidewalk. The possibility for cyclists to ride side by side only on the path for cyclists is also being extended by other types of roads on which freer movement of cyclists is not problematic. In addition, the possibility of side-by-side driving for group rides is added. It is also proposed to add a bicycle path to the specific areas in terms of road traffic rules. It is a road defined by a traffic sign on which “the car is a guest”. Motor vehicles are only allowed to enter this road if the additional board allows it, and even then cyclists always have priority.

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