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“Patrimonial accumulation”: 11% of households own nearly half of the homes owned by shares – Boursorama


Nov 26, 2021

INSEE sheds light on the concentration of property in the real estate market, favored by the use of SCIs.

A quarter of households living in France own several homes (illustration) (AFP / PHILIPPE HUGUEN)

In 2017, the majority (58%) of households in France owned at least one home, but a quarter (24%) owned two-thirds (68%) of houses or apartments owned by individuals, according to the 2021 “Social Portrait” of France, published by INSEE on Thursday 25 November.

The only owners of three or more dwellings, who represent 11% of the total, own nearly half (46%) of the 28.4 million houses or apartments owned by households in their own name or through a real estate company. Rented dwellings are even more owned by large landlords, since those who own at least five own half of the rental stock owned by individuals, while they only represent 3.5% of households.

High concentration in large agglomerations

“This concentration of rental housing ownership reflects a logic of asset accumulation, which relies in particular on the use of SCI”, notes the National Institute of Statistics in its Social Portrait of France. In addition, the share of dwellings owned by owners of five or more dwellings is increasing in the centers of large agglomerations, where apartments are the most expensive. This share is therefore between 10% and 25% in the municipalities of the inner Paris suburbs but amounts to between 45% to 50% in the districts of central Paris, according to the study.

A similar geographical distribution is also found in the other large French metropolises, in particular in Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and Lille, reports INSEE. Multi-owner households, that is to say those who own at least two dwellings, are over 40 years old in nine out of ten cases and half of them are between 50 and 69 years old.

Finally, within heterosexual couples, men are more often homeowners than women, with 79% of the former having a property right over the housing (s) owned by households against 71% of women. increases with the number of homes owned. For owners of 20 or more dwellings, 72% of men have a property right, compared to only 50% of women.

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