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Lengvarský announced the extension of the lockdown by several weeks. We have 3 months to set up the measures – Startitup


Nov 26, 2021

Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský announces that the lockdown may be extended. In an interview with Denník N he said he thought the current measures would be extended for another two weeks.

Government Cabinet officially on Wednesday declaredthat Slovakia is going into a lockdown. They announced the restriction of movement for two weeks. They said that after ten days, the government and the council would review the measures.

However, Lengvarsky thinks that the current measures will be extended. “I think they will continue as they are. For how long? For the next two weeks. It’s my personal opinion, “He said for Denník N.

The emergency condition is valid for 90 days

The government approved emergency for 90 days. “The fact that the measures are only announced for 14 days is irrelevant, because then we can tighten them, leave them at the original level or relax them. The key is that the emergency is for 90 days, we have three months to adjust the measures according to the situation,Lengvarský stated.

What measures apply?

A curfew applies from 05:00 until 01:00.

According to SITA, the exceptions to the curfew concern the purchase of essential necessities at the nearest store. The use of essential services will also be permitted, such as window sales of e-shops, e-shop dispensaries, post office, banks, insurance companies, dry cleaners, laundries, car repair shops and MOT, key service, opticians, telephone service and spas for health reasons.

The assembly is also limited to a maximum of six persons or members living in the same household.

There may also be a trip to and from work with confirmation from the employer, as well as a trip to and from COVID-19 vaccination between 5.00 and 20.00. Travel to and from crèches and accompanying schools is also allowed in this range.

Vladimír Lengvarský emphasized that they recommend a home office for jobs where possible. Jobs will operate in O (vaccinated), T (tested), P (overcome) mode. The measure is due to take effect on Monday, November 29, and should last until the end of the year.

source: Unsplash / Jorjoson

Unvaccinated and those who have not exceeded COVID-19 in the last 180 days should be tested regularly. They should be evidenced by an antigenic self-test not older than 7 days. “If the situation worsens, the interval may be shortened, “Said Minister of Economy Richard Sulík on Wednesday.

Staying in nature is allowed only within the district, in the case of Bratislava the district is considered to be the territory of the Bratislava self-governing region and in the case of Košice the territory of Košice I, Košice II, Košice III, Košice IV and Košice surroundings is considered 1 district.

It is also possible to attend the funeral of a loved one, marry or go to baptism, as well as from 5.00 to 20.00. Exceptions to the curfew include travel for the care of a close person, if any, as well as travel for the purpose of health care, and this also applies to the escort of a close person. Dogs and cats are allowed to walk up to 500 meters from the residence and travel to care for livestock.

More detailed information is published in Resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

Sources: Denník N, SITA

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