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Fiber: Arcep sets foot in noodle dishes and launches its action plan to improve … – Univers Freebox


Nov 26, 2021

Controlling interventions, limiting subcontracting ranks and repairing damaged equipment, the regulator unveils its recommendations to improve the quality of fiber networks and end connections.

At a time when the failure rate in the final connections improves on the fiber, it is not yet perfect and only zero tolerance will be able to fix things. Since the end of 2020, the industry has tended to take the bull by the horns, first by launching an operational guide for professionals in the sector, then by announcing major agreements (stoc mode) between commercial and infrastructure operators to improve the quality and sustainability of networks before issuing in July a White Book with various measures to put an end to poor workmanship. The objective is clear: to completely eradicate the “noodle dishes”, these cables tangled in the street cabinets, but also the disconnections of subscribers when connecting others or even erroneous deployment files, installations. undersized, but also poor work done by customers (loose plug, visible wires).

In December 2020, Arcep for its part held a public consultation on the technical and pricing arrangements for making fiber optic connections. This allows it today to unveil an action plan articulated around three main axes.

Better control interventions

“Thanks to the implementation of an interoperator tool for real-time notification of interventions, the technician would notify the infrastructure operator in real time of the start and end of his intervention”, recommends Arcep. More specifically, the infrastructure operator would then transmit this information in real time to Orange, Free, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. “For better traceability of interventions on the networks” and thus allow commercial operators “To check the condition of their lines and detect any disconnections that occurred during the intervention”. Also necessary, “automatic analysis of photo reports (for example using artificial intelligence), in order to exhaustively detect defects and degradations”.

Control compliance with processes by limiting the ranks of subcontracting

In its action plan, Arcep says it is “in favor of the idea proposed by certain operators of limiting the ranks of subcontractors to better control the activity of stakeholders”, sometimes amounting to six ranks of subcontractors. contracting and thus making communication very difficult. “It also seems desirable that operators offer solutions allowing the improvement of the training of technicians involved and the establishment of accreditations or guarantees on the skills of the workers”, indicates the regulator.

Bring the most degraded infrastructures back into conformity

This is the last point and not the least. At a time when many equipment such as street cabinets are degraded sometimes depriving subscribers of internet connection for several weeks, “It is also important that operators repair all their degraded infrastructures or those subject to major defects which have an impact on the proper functioning of the lines”, urges Arcep. The telecoms police will be careful that telcos “Launch and carry out the additional work identified.”

Two new working groups “to ensure that all final connections are made and to streamline the processes when changing operator” are now emerging. The first will notably allow the design of a guide for individuals on the rights and duties of future subscribers, concerning the installation of the final connection.

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