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Lengvarský on LOCKDOWNE: It will last without exception until Christmas! The bubbles are questionable, there are drastic possibilities in the game – Topky.sk


Nov 26, 2021

The situation is to be reviewed after ten days, after which experts and the government have to decide whether the lockdown will be extended for all, whether the vaccinated will benefit, or whether the measures will be tightened. In an interview with Denník N he admitted that the lockdown would last at least until Christmas.

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The lockdown will probably last until Christmas

The original proposal was for a three-week lockdown, but in the end it will last for two weeks for everyone, without any exceptions. The Lengvar and the council recommended declaring a state of emergency for 90 days so that they could extend the lockdown if necessary. “I appreciate this agreement. Everyone has understood that the fact that the measures are only announced for 14 days is irrelevant, because then we can tighten them, leave them at their original level or relax them.” said Lengvarsky.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

According to him, the 90 days just mentioned are crucial. The measures can be adapted to the situation. The head of the health department assumes that after an evaluation after ten days, the measures will continue as they are now. For how long? “For the next two weeks. It’s my personal opinion.” Lengvarsky said, adding that the exemptions, ie relaxing measures for the vaccinated and overcome, would not apply yet.

Family bubbles are questionable

Last year was the time of the second wave, which started in full swing during Christmas. Tough lockdown. However, individual households could create so-called bubbles. For example, children could visit their parents, but another household should not have joined them. Lengvarsky does not rule out that such a possibility will be on the table. “I don’t rule out any adjustments that may come. I’d just speculate about the details in two weeks.” he said.

Lengvarsky on LOCKDOWNE: To last

However, after a reassessment, the measures are expected to continue with the current measures and restrictions in minimal variations. The measures will be re-evaluated on the basis of several factors, as has been the case so far with the colors of the districts. Experts will take into account the 7-day incidence, positivity percentage, vaccination status, monoclonal antibody administration, or the onset of another drug approved by the government on Wednesday.

The situation in hospitals is important

However, the limit of hospitalized hospitals and the overall condition are also important. Currently, the limit of 3,200 hospitalized has been decided, which was considered critical. After crossing it, Slovakia stands on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. However, the number of hospitalizations has decreased in the last two days, but this does not mean that this is a declining trend.

Lengvarsky on LOCKDOWNE: To last

Source: TASR – Pavel Neubauer

“We have to follow trends. 3,200 were hospitalized yesterday, today is 3188. Is that good? We’ll see in a week. From 3188 it can shoot up or it can be stable. Trends are important, not the number on the day. Numbers above 3,000 are not good for relaxing measures, “ he said. However, in the event of further tightening, they still have very drastic options.

Lengvarsky on LOCKDOWNE: To last

Source: korona.gov.sk

One option is to close schools, despite the fact that the Minister of Education is against it. Gröhling announced today a package of stricter measures. ZUŠ-rings and rings are canceled, the Christmas holidays start earlier. The Minister of Education stated that after the reassessment, they would also reconsider the measures. Another strict measure is the possibility of a travel ban between districts, which still applies in principle now, but it would be an absolute travel ban except the essential one. “From next week we will also start testing at work, first once a week, then we can tighten the measures. We can do this by testing daily on arrival or coming to work only for the vaccinated and after overcoming. For people who are not vaccinated, the measures will probably be tougher, ” he added.

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