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Burn out? End of career? A heavy secret? The singer Wejdene and ex candidate of “DALS” reappears and not just anywhere! – Public.fr


Nov 26, 2021

Remember, on September 17, Wejdene walked the floor of Dance with the stars (TF1) alongside her partner Samuel Texier… Unfortunately, after a month of adventure, the 17-year-old singer was eliminated from the competition! A departure considered precipitated by the viewers who did not understand why the jurors had decided to make her leave so early in the competition … A misunderstanding auspicious given that this elimination was indeed doubtful! The reason ? According to our exclusive information, it was the performer of the hit “Anissa” who asked to quit the program because she was exhausted from the last six weeks of intensive training!

Overworked by the dance show, Wejdene therefore greatly worried her subscribers who worried about her state of health! And for good reason, the day after his elimination, Feuneu’s sidekick shared several intriguing messages via his social networks! “My health is priceless”, she first posted via her Instagram story thus confirming a voluntary departure from DALS ! And to add: “My tour will be the only one”, referring to his “16 Turn (or not)”which will start on February 10! Finally, via his Instagram feed, the artist posted the following few words: “It was cool… But forget about me! “ ! The only publication that is now available on his account …

Wejdene is making a comeback alongside Nabilla Vergara!

To subscribers absent since its elimination from Dance with the stars, since these few messages shared in the wake of his departure, Wejdene has not given any sign of life to his subscribers on the Web… Fortunately, this Thursday, November 25, 2021, the interpreter of “Coco” has finally resurfaced for the her fans’ greatest happiness… And surprise, it was via Nabilla Vergara’s Instagram story that she made her big comeback!

In Paris to promote the documentary series “Nabilla: Without filter! “, Milann’s mother took the time to join the singer between two interviews! Brown velvet jogging set, makeup, hairstyle and nails we fleek… On the cliché that Nabilla unveiled, the young 17-year-old takes the break more smiling than ever while she is installed in a car alongside the former reality TV star… A comeback that is far from going unnoticed !

Lisa Ziane

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