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In “Special Envoy”, four women accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual violence


Nov 26, 2021

The secret was kept until the day before the broadcast of the show. It was only on Wednesday, November 24 that France 2 confirmed by a press release the programming, the next day, of an investigation by “Special Envoy” into acts of sexual violence implicating Nicolas Hulot. Thursday, November 25, at 9:10 p.m., women – four, including three with their faces uncovered – for the first time publicly testified against the former minister of ecological transition Emmanuel Macron, on facts of rape and aggression sexual.

These women do not know each other. They have never met, it is explained upstream of the show. But all have in common to have crossed the ex-star of TF1, when they were younger, and to have kept in them, for a very long time, the secret of their injury. Two other people gave their testimony by mail, also accusing the former host of the famous show “Ushuaia”.

The day before, Nicolas Hulot had anticipated and had invited himself on the set of BFM-TV to formally denounce “Purely false accusations”, journalists “Prosecutors”, explaining that he will not be able to defend himself judicially because the facts are prescribed. This is the same defense he had used four years earlier, in February 2018, when the magazine Ebdo was about to reveal a rape complaint filed against him, in 2008, Pascale Mitterrand, the granddaughter of François Mitterrand, for facts that occurred in 1997 but were prescribed. The case had been closed.

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“I don’t know what it is”

“Justice does not go on television sets, nor on social networks”, added the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, Wednesday, November 25, on LCI. The latter, however, specified that the prescription of the facts “Does not prohibit the prosecution from carrying out an investigation”, himself having asked, in February 2021, the magistrates to launch “Systematically” investigations to verify that the facts are far too old to prosecute, and to allow the discovery of other victims, if there are any.

Nicolas Hulot does not speak directly on the Elise Lucet program. The team of “Special Envoy” explains having contacted the former minister on November 9 to offer him to present his version of the facts. Nicolas Hulot and his lawyers did not follow up. The two journalists therefore filmed a phone call they had with him. “I don’t know what it is”, dodges Mr. Hulot. Elise Lucet details the accusations. The former TV host first says he is “Annihilated”, declaring himself “Innocent”, before refusing to answer. “It’s their word against mine, it’s useless, it’s bent in advance. “

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