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Nov 26, 2021

BLACK FRIDAY APPLE IPHONE 2021. Apple will do many promotions for Black Friday 2021 as is now announced on its site. But it is once again at the resellers that the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 will suffer the biggest discounts …

BEST products

Continuously follow the evolution of the prices of several types of iPhone, the iPhones that we should not lose sight of, throughout Black Friday:

[Mis à jour le 25 novembre 2021 à 16h21] Black Friday is definitely one of the best times of the year to buy an iPhone. But more often than not you have to look to previous generations of iPhones to take full advantage of the discounts. For the Black Friday 2021, the iPhone 12 is, depending on the versions, already sold off at Amazon, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger. The iPhone 11, unveiled even longer ago, is also on the decline. Also take a look at the promotions on the older iPhone X, iPhone XR or iPhone XS, but which show nice price drops. During the day of this Friday, November 26, new offers are expected.

The apple brand has just unveiled its offers for tomorrow Friday, the day of Black Friday 2021 (see other offers below). Promos are being announced on the Apple Store site at this very moment: this November 26 and for four days, Apple will offer an App Store & iTunes gift card of 50 euros for the purchase of an iPhone from an eligible product (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone SE). But we already know: the biggest promotions on iPhones will rather be found at resellers. The previous editions have proven it, Apple is not a keen participant of Black Friday and it is to Amazon, CDiscount, Rakuten, Fnac or other merchants that it will be necessary to turn to find the best discounts.

While Black Friday Week has been launched for a few days already and Amazon even launched its “real” Black Friday this Thursday morning, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and even iPhone 13 are already showing a few dozen or even a few hundred euros in discounts. We have compiled the best deals in this article.

Apple fans and consumers looking for a performance smartphone at a lower price should start paying attention as these promos are expected to accelerate and intensify in the coming days. It will also be necessary to scrutinize the iPhone “deals” of Black Friday all next week. We must also closely monitor the prices of the iPhone SE (or iPhone SE2), unveiled in April 2019. All without forgetting the usual promotions on AirPods, essential or almost to use his iPhone.

What are the deals on the iPhone 13 ahead of Black Friday?

As in every edition, Black Friday comes more or less two months after the release of a new iPhone, the iPhone 13 for this year. We can therefore imagine that the new jewel from Apple will not benefit from the best discounts. However, a few dozen euros can already be saved, especially at SFR or Rakuten:

What offers on the iPhone 12 for Black Friday?

The iPhone 12 having been marketed more than a year ago now, offers on Apple’s smartphone, which were quite limited during the last Black Friday, were to become more numerous in 2021. Bingo occasionally of Black Week with the first promos in force, more interesting than those of 2020 where only a few euros were “scratched” on an iPhone 12 barely marketed.

If you need to update your price benchmark before Black Friday 2021, know that a stone’s throw from the event, you could already find the iPhone 12 Mini Red 64 GB between 620 and 650 euros at several resellers, at barely more than 600 euros even at Rakuten. The 128GB iPhone 12 displays 777 euros at Fnac, 859 euros at the majority of resellers, the iPhone 12 Pro 128GB is more and more often under 1000 euros. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is sold for a hundred euros more (prices may change).

What deals on Apple’s iPhone 11 for Black Friday?

The highly anticipated phone of the last Black Friday was the iPhone 11. While discounts on the iPhone 11 Pro Max had already been observed in the course of 2020, the latter was the subject of much more offers. many during “Black Friday”. We expected no less from the device, which was well past its first anniversary. The best deals then went to the iPhone 11 64GB and its 128GB big brother. What about this year? The iPhone 11 will certainly remain among the most sought after products during Black Friday. Two months before “Black Friday” version 2021, the iPhone 11 64GB was below the 600 euros mark, the iPhone 11 128 GB at 639 euros. A few days before Black Friday, Black Week allows you to find it at 590 euros.

What offers on the iPhone X, XR, or even 8 or 7 during Black Friday?

If finding a really cheap iPhone for Black Friday is your top priority, the deals for the iPhone X, iPhone XR, or even iPhone XS may still be the most appealing to you this year. Although the iPhone X was generally less available, since it was no longer produced during the last Black Friday, it could still be found new at several merchants.

As for the iPhone 7 and 8, they have seen their stocks shrunken in recent years, but they are still popular. To find them at merchants like Amazon, CDiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger, it will also be necessary to turn to unlocked / reconditioned versions during Black Friday. But be careful: if you buy a refurbished smartphone, in other words second-hand, make sure that the used model has been rechecked by the manufacturer or the dealer.

What offers on the iPhone SE for Black Friday?

The iPhone SE, perhaps even more so than the iPhone 11, received very affordable offers during the last edition of Black Friday. As we have already seen, Apple does not hesitate to reduce the price of these intermediate iPhones during this kind of commercial operation, taking the flagship technologies of the latest model in an older format (the reference would be the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 for the SE).

In mid-October 2021, the iPhone SE for its part fell below the 500 euros mark in its 64 GB version. It stood at 539 euros at the majority of Apple resellers in the 128 GB version.

Apple still so cautious during Black Friday?

In recent years, Apple has relaxed a bit when it comes to promo operations and in particular Black Friday, which the apple brand has been slow to adhere to. On the Apple Store site at this very moment promotions are announced for this Friday: this November 26 and for four days, Apple will offer an App Store & iTunes gift card of 50 euros for the purchase of an iPhone among the product. eligible (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone SE).

A similar offer will be offered on Black Friday for Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3, for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. Many other benefits will also be offered such as 75 euros in App Store & iTunes gift card on AirPods (2nd and 3rd generation), AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. The App Store & iTunes gift card will even go up to 100 euros for the iPad Pro 11 ″ and iPad Pro 12.9 ″, for the purchase of an eligible Mac laptop or Mac mini, namely the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 ″, Mac mini, and iMac 27 ″ (see the details of the offers here).

An almost historic agreement, signed with Amazon three years ago, has also fully brought iPhones to the largest merchant participating in Black Friday. Another encouraging signal this year for Black Friday: Apple announced the release of the iPhone 13 on September 17, just over two months before the 2021 edition, which should lower the price of previous generations.

Apple fans or consumers looking for a high-performance smartphone at a lower price must in any case pay attention to this Black Friday. If deals are already available, it will also be necessary to scrutinize the iPhone Black Friday deals on Saturday 27 and 28 November, the Black Friday weekend being often rich in offers. Monday, November 30, traditional day “Cyber ​​Monday“, will certainly still offer great opportunities.

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