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Roselyne Bachelot extends her #metoo plan to live shows – archyworldys


Nov 25, 2021

After the movie theater and the music, theater and ballets. The Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, announced, Thursday, November 25, the launch of a plan to combat gender-based and sexual violence and harassment (VHSS) in the performing arts sector. From January 2022, all aid and subsidies paid by the ministry to structures in this sector, i.e. an amount of approximately 272 million euros, will be subject to compliance with a certain number of prevention and treatment criteria. of this violence.

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All the places assisted by the Rue de Valois are concerned: the national stages (Le Volcan in Le Havre, the Halle aux grains in Blois, etc.), the national drama centers (La Criée in Marseille, the Théâtre des Amandiers in Nanterre, etc.) .), national choreographic centers (the Ballet Preljocaj in Aix-en-Provence, the National Ballet of Marseille, etc.), the national centers of street arts and public space, but also festivals and “Artistic teams and ensembles” receiving public aid. “In all, this concerns 1,249 structures”, ensures the entourage of Mme Bachelot. National establishments (Paris Opera, Comédie-Française, Théâtre de l’Odéon, etc.) had their own plan since 2018.

Mandatory training

Concretely, these organizations will have to commit to respecting around thirty criteria if they want to continue to receive state aid. Training on the prevention of gender-based and sexual violence will in particular be compulsory for managers and human resources departments. Employees will also be able to follow this training ” every two years “, if they wish. The designation of a “VHSS” referent (two for structures with more than 250 employees), already provided for by the labor code, must be strictly observed.

The structures will be encouraged to distribute an anonymous questionnaire to their employees and will have to “systematically process each report”

“In the event of artistic production which may use the nude or situations of a sexual nature, a specific prevention plan” must also be put in place, “With a reference person to follow the production and advise the teams, from design to performances”, we explain to the ministry. A question far from trivial in an environment where artistic freedom is often erected as a totem pole, generating situations where the consent of the performers is not always clearly established, as has been shown. the #metoothéâtre movement. The structures will also be encouraged to distribute an anonymous questionnaire to their employees, to assess their exposure to VHSS, and will have to “Systematically process each report”.

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