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Covid Germany today, hospital alarm and scheduled interventions stop


Nov 25, 2021

Germany exceeds 100,000 deaths from Covid since the beginning of the pandemic. The fourth wave overwhelms the country so much that it has been decided to postpone the planned interventions in German hospitals. Chancellor Angela Merkel plans a further tightening, with more rigid rules and measures to stem the infections. Read also “It is clear to all of us that the situation is very, very serious” said the Minister of Health of Bavaria, Klaus Holetschek, who chaired a videoconference meeting with colleagues from the other 15 German Länder to discuss additional measures for addressing the Covid pandemic. Holetschek then thanked the less affected Lander who are welcoming patients from the most affected states, Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia, into their intensive care units. The German Air Force has made aircraft available for these transfers. CONTAGINARY RECORD New record of daily infections. According to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institut, deaths related to the coronavirus were 100,119. The number of new cases exceeded the threshold of 70 thousand cases per day for the first time, with 75,961 new infections within 24 hours. Last week’s figure was 65,371 new cases. The incidence over the last seven days is 419.7 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, a new record since the beginning of the pandemic. The figure recorded yesterday was 404.5 cases, while seven days ago it was 336.9. cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Nationally, 351 new deaths were recorded within 24 hours, up from 264 seven days ago. MERKEL “We need more contact restrictions,” said Angela Merkel, stressing again that Germany is experiencing a great situation. emergency with the Covid pandemic that continues to run, reaching 75 thousand contagions daily. “Every day counts at this point”, added the outgoing chancellor, without however wanting to comment directly on the requests made by some regional prime ministers to anticipate a new meeting to deal with the crisis, now set for December 9th. the new government led by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz – whose inauguration is scheduled for December 6 – takes office and Merkel appreciated her successor’s intent to create a crisis unit for the pandemic. “I also made it clear to him that we can establish it during this transition phase,” he concludes.

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