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November-13 trial: Salah Abdeslam refuses to come to the hearing for the first time – The HuffPost


Nov 25, 2021

Gonzalo Fuentes via Reuters

Olivia Ronen and Martin Vettes, lawyers for Salah Abdeslam, at the Paris court on September 9, 2021.

13-NOVEMBER – The hearing of the trial of the attacks of 13-November resumed this Thursday, November 25 in the absence of four defendants, including Salah Abdeslam, who refused to come forward before the special assize court of Paris.

Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the commandos which left 130 dead and hundreds wounded in Paris and Saint-Denis, Mohamed Abrini, Sofien Ayari and Osama Krayem did not join the box to protest against the physical absence at the helm and anonymization Belgian investigators who must testify from Thursday.

“We can see that we are missing four defendants in the box. Mr. Krayem, Mr. Abdeslam, Mr. Ayari and Mr. Abrini who refused to go to the courtroom to protest the absence of the Belgian police, ”said President Jean-Louis Périès at the opening. of the audience.

“Refusal of extraction” on the part of Abdeslam

“Salah Abdeslam played the hearing game. He understood the need to attend and participate. But today, he refuses the extraction because there are things that we can hardly understand ”, explained his lawyer Olivia Ronen.

“If we notice that an Austrian investigator travels (Wednesday) and comes to testify for more than five hours, it is difficult to understand that a decision of your court allows Belgian investigators to testify anonymously and by videoconference”, she added.

According to Me Ronen, some of these police officers testified, until recently, under their name and uncovered in television reports devoted to his client. Several defense lawyers then took the floor to protest in turn. “The question has been decided”, exasperated the president, who suspended the hearing time to have the refusal of the four defendants recorded by a bailiff.

Belgian justice in favor of anonymization

Belgian investigators must testify from this Thursday and for two weeks but will do so anonymously, the court decided after a request to this effect from the Belgian judicial authorities.

In a letter dated November 15 and consulted by AFP, the Belgian federal prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw protested against the lack of anonymization of Belgian investigators, presenting according to him “a real legal problem”.

He added that under the legislation of his country, he could refuse to grant the request to hear the investigators called as witnesses or grant it “only on condition that the identity of the Belgian anti-terrorist police officers did not is not publicly revealed ”.

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