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LG OLED55C1: when the best 4K TV drops below € 1,000 for Black Friday – Frandroid


Nov 25, 2021

Cdiscount is now offering a nice promotion on the recent LG OLED55CX1 high-end TV. If you are looking for a very well defined and illuminated image, capable of sublimating the rendering of a new generation console, you can get this excellent television for 974 euros instead of the 1,590 euros asked for at release.

When looking at the TV market, it’s hard to miss LG. For several years, the South Korean manufacturer has multiplied the references in the sector with its OLED screens. The 2020 CX range was already very successful, but this year LG is back in the forefront with its C1 range. The latter incorporates a new much more powerful processor. To enjoy the experience that the OLED55C1 TV offers, now is the time for Black Friday since its price drops by more than 500 euros.

Why does this TV have it all?

  • This LG TV offers a quality OLED panel (4K UHD)
  • Accompanied by the best video standards: Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Dolby Atmos
  • Supports HDMI 2.1 standard ideal for next-gen consoles
  • As well as a fluid and intuitive interface

When it was released, LG’s 55-inch C1 model was priced at 1,590 euros, but at the moment Cdiscount offers the best deal and lower the price of TV to 974 euros using the promo code LESS25EUROS, that is to say a little more than 500 euros of immediate discount.

If, subsequently, the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, please take a look at the table below to find other offers concerning the LG OLED55C1 TV.

Already a benchmark on the market

The manufacturer LG renewed most of these OLED TVs at the beginning of 2021 and the C1 series is one of them. Despite little change in design, the Korean firm gives us the benefit of its know-how by offering a quality TV, just in its design. This model sports clean lines that could already be found in the previous range, and retains ultra-thin borders and a solid metal stand running the length of the TV. Its immersive OLED panel impresses by its infinite contrasts with deep blacks, bright colors and excellent luminosity. Moreover on this last point, the brightness has been improved compared to the CX model of last year. Indeed, by going from a peak of brightness of 670 cd / m to 725 cd / m², the new C series is a little more comfortable for a viewing in full sunny afternoon compared to the previous model and, in the shadow.

If so far the C1 model takes the look of its predecessor, the LG brand brings a gain in power on this TV which embeds the new Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI 4K processor. This chip will significantly improve the scaling of HD content, as well as adjustments to the sound level. Otherwise, we can benefit from several video compatibilities (Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10), as well as Dolby Atmos for immersive audio. In addition, the Korean firm thinks of moviegoers by integrating a Filmmaker mode, which allows the quality of the image to be adapted so that it is rendered as in the cinema, according to the vision of the director.

A TV adapted for gaming and a new, more refined interface

In addition to being able to watch your favorite movies and series on your TV, it is also ideal for playing video games. Yes, even if you haven’t been able to get your console yet next-gen, this television will be useful to you in time, because it has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. Thanks to this connection, the television is able to authentically transmit the performances of the consoles. Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 and let you enjoy 4K at 120 FPS. It also supports VRR, or variable refresh rate, as well as ALLM, perfect for combating the phenomenon of tearing, or screen tearing. To top it off, LG’s TV C1 features a response rate of just 1ms, as well as G-Sync and AMD FreeSync certifications. The screen is also refreshed to 100 Hz, which will ensure a beautiful fluidity of the image during your sessions. The perfect combo, so you will be ready to play in the best conditions.

Finally, the new C1 series takes advantage of LG’s latest operating system, namely webOS 6.0. This new interface becomes more refined and is presented in full screen whereas before, a bar was displayed at the bottom of the screen. It remains very pleasant to use and also intuitive. Depending on what you are watching, the system may make program suggestions. You can quickly access flagship applications, such as Netflix, Prime Video or YouTube, which are of course in the game. The TV is also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and HomeKit, to enjoy voice control. It is also possible to broadcast content from your smartphone, via Miracast or AirPlay 2. Last asset, a little gadget, but rather appreciable: find the Magic Remote remote control which is equipped with a pointer which is used as a mouse to navigate the television menus more quickly.

To learn more about this model, do not hesitate to read our full test of the LG OLED55C1 TV.

9 / 10


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