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Covid today Belgium, government towards new measures


Nov 25, 2021

Faced with the growth of infections, the Belgian government is preparing a new squeeze. The consultation committee between the federal and regional authorities will meet tomorrow morning. On the table, the newspaper Les Echo anticipates, there are restrictions in the restaurant sector, with closing at midnight and a maximum of four people at the table. Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke also mentioned in Parliament the possibility of “stopping” some activities, but did not say which ones. According to Les Echo, the commissioner for Covid, Pedro Facon, has recommended the closure of places, where it is impossible to maintain control over respect for distances and the port of the mask, a measure that could affect discos and mass events. The squeeze comes as the daily average of hospital admissions has reached 300, a figure higher than the peak of the third wave, which grew by 19.4% in a week. Last week the threshold of 500 patients in intensive care was exceeded, which has now reached 654. It is feared that within two weeks they could reach a thousand, in this country of 11.5 million inhabitants. Daily infections reached 16 thousand (+ 53.3% in one week) with a positive rate of 15.7%. In the past week, there has been an average of 37.3 deaths per day, up 33% from the previous seven days. 75% of the total population is vaccinated, but there are strong local differences: in the Brussels region vaccinations are still at 59%.

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