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Valérie Lemercier: turned on by Celine Dion’s family, she answers him cash – Close


Nov 25, 2021

Friday, November 26, 2021, Aline, the film inspired by the life of Celine Dion, will be released in theaters in Quebec. While the singer’s family did not appreciate the latter, Valérie Lemercier made an update in the columns of the Journal de Montreal.

Shifted many times due to the health crisis, the film Aline will be released in theaters Friday, November 26, 2021 in Quebec. If Valérie Lemercier is very proud of the latter and that he attracted a lot of fans in France, the singer’s family hated the film. Wishing to defend herself, it is in the Journal de Montréal that Valérie Lemercier explained: “I said from the start that this movie was fictional and that there are a lot of things that have been invented and fictionalized. What interested me was having a little freedom to tell this story. It is cinema, a fiction. I’m not going to apologize for existing and for making this movie. I was very careful to pay tribute to her and never to spoil her and her family. I don’t think I messed around with the world.

Assuring that the comments of Claudette and Michel Dion had surprised her, the actress unveiled: “I prefer to look on the bright side. After the Tuesday night premiere, I also received testimonials from people very close to Céline who were very moved and who liked it a lot.“For her part, Danielle Fichaud, who plays Aline’s mother in the film, said:”I think they (Claudette and Michel Dion) were too caught up in their story to understand that it is a fiction. Personally, I prefer to remember the number of people who told me that the film was a beautiful representation of Quebec and that the character I play was the mother or grandmother they would have liked to have.

Claudette Dion: “I don’t recognize my family”

After attending the Quebec premiere of the film, Claudette and Michel Dion did not fail to signal their dissatisfaction. Guest on Julie Snyder’s talk show, the star’s sister said: “Céline has never lacked for anything. We look like a bunch of grumpers. (…) I’m sorry, but in Charlemagne, we didn’t have a cabin. And it was always clean in the house. We always say that we have never known misery because mum knew how to do everything, and dad had three jobs. I don’t recognize the language, I don’t recognize my family, I don’t recognize our roots. (…) She, she bought herself a trip. A nasty trip on the back of Celine’s life …“Disappointed, Michel Dion confided:”Even if he wanted to make a comedy, I find that frankly, for mom and for Celine, it’s going to look too far.

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