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Nicolas Hulot launches a demining operation before the broadcast of “Special Envoy” – archyworldys


Nov 25, 2021

“I’m definitely leaving public life, simply because I’m sick of it. From now on, I live for my friends, for my family. I am leaving my engagement and I will not speak again. It’s too heavy paid. “ Arms crossed, blue sweater, whale tail pendant, Nicolas Hulot announced, Wednesday November 24, during a long interview with Bruce Toussaint on BFM-TV, that he was resigning the honorary presidency of the Foundation for nature and man, “The work of [sa] life “, and that now, we would no longer hear it.

Emmanuel Macron’s former environment minister anticipated the “Special Envoy” program to be broadcast on Thursday, November 25 on France 2. “We are on charges of sexual assault and rape. I tell you (…), I will not repeat it again, it did not exist, these accusations are purely false “, he hammered for thirty-eight minutes.

No viewing was organized by the channel. Nicolas Hulot has not seen the investigation by journalist Virginie Vilar, but this Wednesday, when four or five women are preparing to testify against him on acts of sexual violence, some of which occurred more than thirty years ago, in the late 1980s, and others more recently, he attempted to demine: “The most serious of these accusations (…) dates back to 1989, that is to say thirty-two years ago “, launches the former star host of TF1 to Bruce Toussaint. “An attempted fellatio imposed on a young woman after a program in 1989, in a parking lot while you were walking her home”, specifies the journalist. In an overhead parking lot, on a Saturday morning. Nicolas Hulot then presented the very popular program “Ushuaïa”.

The former minister gets annoyed and adds: “A woman whom I allegedly assaulted in a taxi – I believe, because I have no information, I had to try to cross-check – sent by the French embassy to help the team of ‘“Ushuaia” to clear material (…). And who wouldn’t even warn the ambassador or the embassy, he wonders, and who, thirty-two years later? ! (…) Listen (…), these women are lying. “

The scenes thus described, the facts of which he is accused, are the elements that the France Televisions team sent him before the show and that he transmitted to his two lawyers. In the wake of the broadcast of “Special Envoy”, Laurence Rossignol, Senator PS and former Minister of Family and Women’s Rights of François Hollande, must intervene live. She considered the investigative work sufficiently solid to accept this proposal.

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