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Miss France 2022: the general culture test is there, will you do better than the candidates? – LCI


Nov 25, 2021

TO YOUR PENS – The 29 contenders for Amandine Petit’s succession have passed the formidable test consisting of 40 questions on current events, logic and grammar. Here is what they had to answer.

Forty minutes and not one more. The 29 candidates for the Miss France 2022 election took a break from their detailed preparation schedule to answer the traditional general culture test. A multiple-choice questionnaire divided this year into five sections: “revisions”, “French”, “arts and entertainment”, “geography” and “logic”.

If a good mark does not ensure a place among the 15 semi-finalists, the reverse is however decisive. And synonymous with elimination, even before the start of the ceremony, on December 11 in Caen. In the last promotions, several Miss have distinguished themselves in this very important event on the road to the crown and the scarf. Marine Lorphelin and Camille Cerf taking first place in their respective promotion. And you, what grade would you have obtained?

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Miss France 2022: who will succeed Amandine Petit?


1. One of the following countries is not part of the European Union?

To. Austria

b. Bulgaria

vs. Norway

2. In which city is the European Parliament located?

To. Brussels

b. Geneva

vs. Strasbourg

3. What is the name of the Minister of the Interior now?

To. Christopher Castaner

b. Bernard Cazeneuve

vs. Edouard Philippe

d. Gerald Darmanin

4. The Schengen agreements correspond to:

To. The creation of a European army

b. Compulsory mastery of a second language

vs. The removal of customs barriers

5. The Geneva Convention (July 28, 1951) concerns:

To. Right of asylum

b. Trade relations between Switzerland and European countries

vs. The neutrality

6. In what year was the death penalty abolished in France?

To. 1968

b. 1974

vs. nineteen eighty one

7. In what year in France were women able to use the right to vote for the first time?

To. 1789

b. 1945

vs. 1968

8. In what year did the Berlin Wall fall?

To. 1961

b. 1989

vs. 1990

9. Which King of France was guillotined on January 21, 1793?

To. Charles X

b. Louis XVI

vs. Louis XV

10. In what year did Algeria become independent?

To. 1948

b. 1956

vs. 1962


1. Who is the author of the novel Germinal ?

To. Albert Camus

b. Emile Zola

vs. Marguerite Yourcenar

d. Victor Hugo

2. The adjective “imminent” means:

To. Raised

b. Important

vs. Very close

3. Demonstrating self-sacrifice is …

To. Selflessly devote

b. Be sneaky

vs. Respond negatively to any proposal

4. A consensus is:

To. An official meeting

b. A restrictive article in a law

vs. An agreement between several people

5. Pragmatic means:

To. Inconvenient

b. Fancy

vs. Practical, concrete

6. How do you write:

To. Land

b. To land

vs. Land

d. Aterire

7. What does “under the aegis of” mean:

To. At the orders of

b. Driven by

vs. Under the protection of

8. What does “altruism” mean?

To. Take an interest in and devote oneself to others

b. Take risks

vs. Succeed brilliantly

9. “Ostracism” means:

To. Indiscreet display of a benefit or quality

b. Segregation in a group

vs. Development of nationalism in a country

10. Conjugate the verb “acquire” in the 1st person present indicative:

To. I acquire

b. I acquire

vs. I acquired

d. I acquire


1. By what specialty did Le Corbusier make himself known above all?

To. The architecture

b. Dance

vs. The painting

2. What is the name of the last mission of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet?

To. Beta

b. Proxima

vs. Alpha

d. Omega

3. Who painted “The Last Judgment” from the Sistine Chapel in Rome:

To. L. da Vinci

b. Raphael

vs. Michelangelo

4.In which city can a film receive the Golden Lion?

To. Venice

b. Deauville

vs. Berlin

5. In which city were the last Summer Olympics held?

To. Seoul

b. Tokyo

vs. Beijing

d. Osaka

6. The Angoulême festival is dedicated to?

To. The comics

b. Children’s literature

vs. The music

7. Name two cities where you can see a Pantheon:

To. Paris

b. Athens

vs. Rome

d. Washington

8. What city do we call “the Venice of the North”?

To. Bruges

b. Amsterdam

vs. Hamburg

9. Which musical has become the biggest hit of all time?

To. La La Land

b. Grease

vs. West Side Story

d. The Lion King

10. What is the French title of the last James Bond? No time to die ?

To. We only live twice

b. Live and Let Die

vs. To die can wait

d. Die another day


1. Which of the following pairs are the most distant cities?

To. Lille-Rouen

b. Nice-Toulon

vs. Angers-Lyon

2. Which of these countries has no sea front?

To. Poland

b. Bulgaria

vs. Hungary

d. Romania

3. The adjective “austral” relates to:

To. The southern half of the globe

b. The northern half of the terrestrial globe

C. Australia

d. Austria

4. Which country is not part of the Maghreb?

To. Tunisia

b. Algeria

vs. Turkey

d. Morocco

5. What is the capital of Senegal:

To. Dakar

b. Abidjan

vs. Bamako

d. Ouagadougou

LOGIC / 2.5

1. If 1 is equal to 5, 2 is equal to 25, 3 to 605, 4 to 10855, 5 is equal to what?

To. 5 equals 1

b. 5 equals 2

vs. 5 equals 5

d. 5 equals 25

2. Complete this logical sequence: 89-87-83-77-69

To. 59

b. 47

vs. 53

d. 62

3. What day comes three days after the day that comes two days after the day that comes immediately after the day that comes two days after Monday?

To. Tuesday

b. Wednesday

vs. Thusday

d. Friday

e. Saturday

f. Sunday

4. Which three are missing? JFMAMJJAS -? -? -?


b. JFM

vs. JOA

d. OND

e. DMA

5.I am 48 years old, but I only celebrated my birthday 12 times, why?

To. Because I am actually 36 years old

b. Because I was born on a Monday

vs. Because I was born on February 29

d. Because I was born on December 31

e. Because i am a man



1 – C Norway

2 – C Strasbourg

3 – Dr. Gérald Darmanin

4 – C The removal of customs barriers

5 – A The right of asylum

6 – C 1981

7 – B 1945

8 – B 1989

9 – B Louis XVI

10 – C 1962


1 – B Émile Zola

2 – C Very close

3 – To devote oneself with disinterestedness

4 – C An agreement between several people

5 – C Practical, concrete

6 – B Land

7 – C Under the protection of

8 – To take an interest in and devote oneself to others

9 – B Sidelining in a group

10 – A I acquire


1 – A Architecture

2 – C Alpha

3 – C Michelangelo

4 – In Venice

5 – B Tokyo

6 – A La BD

7 – A and C Paris and Rome

8 – In Bruges

9 – D The Lion King

10 – C Dying can wait


1 – C Angers – Lyon

2 – C Hungary

3 – At the southern half of the terrestrial globe

4 – C Turkey

5 – In Dakar


1 – A 5 is equal to 1

2 – A 59

3 – A Tuesday

4 – D OND

5 – C Because I was born on February 29

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