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The Goncourt prize for high school students goes to the novel “To adapt”, by Clara Dupont-Monod – archyde


Nov 25, 2021

“Its accuracy, its gentleness, its poetry” have earned the novel Adapt, by Clara Dupont-Monod, to receive the Goncourt prize for high school students, Thursday, November 25. This novel, which tells of the arrival of a disabled child in siblings, “Leaves a luminous trace which opens the doors to tolerance in the face of disability”, declared the president of the jury, Nour Benkhabeche, 17, a second year student at the European School of Brussels-IV.

Published by Stock, the text has already been awarded the Femina Prize and the price of Landerneau readers. He won his third title in the first round of voting with 8 votes out of 13, among the five finalist novels, said the young jurors of the 34e edition of the prize co-organized by the Ministry of National Education and Fnac and announced in Rennes. Contacted by Agence France-Presse (AFP), its 48-year-old author – also editor and journalist – said she was ” very moved “. She is to receive the prize on Thursday evening at the Ministry of National Education.

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The jurors had no trouble making up their minds. “There is a certain gentleness, a certain sensitivity and a theme that is so deeply rooted in society: disability is a subject that we do not talk about enough, commented Nour Benkhabeche. We found that it was nicely done, a very beautiful book, bright, not at all dark, which gave a little hope for the future. “

“A theme you often do”

According to Benjamin Lefebres, 15, member of the jury and student at the Pierre-Bourdieu high school in Toulouse, the novel by Clara Dupont-Monod “Has allowed to carry high a theme often you. And lots of beautiful messages that are delivered inside and not explored enough. On the issue of disability? The company does ” not enough “, There are “Too many pages of files to complete”, according to the young Toulousain. “This novel is very interesting, it touched us all and deserved to be elected”, added Rachel Bulka, 16, a student at the Massena high school in Lille and member of the jury, interviewed by AFP. The book helps to understand “How is it going with the administration”, with also “The different points of view of a sibling”.

“The writing is very pure and the descriptions are magnificent”, underlined the young Lille, ” very happy “ to have been embarked on this literary adventure. “This allowed me to meet many other high school students in France. Each year, since the creation of the Goncourt des Lycéens in 1988, around two thousand high school students from all over France participate in the choice of the winner who closes the literary prize season.

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Initially, the fourteen novels selected for the Prix Goncourt, big brother of Goncourt of high school students, were in the running. Five were in the final selection: those of Clara Dupont-Monod, Anne Berest (Postcard, Grasset), Patrice Franceschi (If only one remains, Grasset), Lilia Hassaine (Bitter sun, Gallimard) and Christine Angot (The Journey to the East, Flammarion). In 2020, the Goncourt prize for high school students was awarded to the Cameroonian writer Djaïli Amadou Amal for her novel Impatientes (Emmanuelle Collas editions). The deliberations were held at bay, because of the pandemic.

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