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Covid today Germany, Merkel: “More restrictions needed”


Nov 25, 2021

In Germany grappling with a new wave of coronavirus infections, “we need more contact restrictions”. This is what Angela Merkel said, reiterating the situation of great emergency that the country is experiencing, with the Covid pandemic that continues to run, reaching 75 thousand infections daily. “Every day counts at this point”, added the outgoing German chancellor, without however wanting to comment directly on the requests made by some regional prime ministers to anticipate a new meeting to deal with the crisis, now set for December 9th. The new government led by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz – whose inauguration is scheduled for December 6 – should have already taken office by that date, and Merkel welcomed her successor’s intent to create a crisis unit for the pandemic. “I also made it clear to him that we can establish it during this transition phase,” he added.

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