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Remišová turned around, she already admits mandatory vaccinations – HNonline.sk


Nov 25, 2021

Page For people proposes a support measure to increase vaccinatedosti. They were introduced by its chairwoman at a press conference Veronika Remišová.

At the same time, Remišová thanked the paramedics and said that the For People party is the only one that is fighting for benefits for the vaccinated.

Source: TASR / Pavol Zachar

1. Support for health professionals

– recreational voucher for paramedics after the 3rd wave or shortening of the covid passport to nine months

– temporary inclusion of workers with covid patients in III. risk group

2. Motivation for vaccination

– support campaigns by health insurance companies and benefits for those vaccinated in health packages

– 24/7 vaccination awareness lines

– voucher for vaccinees over 60 years of age

3. Other proposed measures

– shortening of the covid passport to nine months

-strengthening covid passport control (overpass application)

– increasing the availability of monoclonal antibodies for at-risk patients

It has been stated several times at a press conference that vaccination is the only way to get out of a pandemic. “There must be vaccination support behind every lockdown, a lockdown is just a matter of postponing problems for a few days and nothing will solve it. We ask people to trust medicine, scientists and science.” said the chief expert of the People’s Health Party Obaidullah Mir.

“We will support the health professionals the most by being responsible. Let’s be vaccinated to make their lives easier and they can take care of all the patients,” he added.

Remišová, as the only one in the entire cabinet, did not support the government at yesterday’s meeting lockdown. Even before the measures taken, the Prime Minister spoke Eduard Heger, the media sent a press release that it did not agree with a general lockdown for everyone. She said vaccines should have benefits.

Remišová said that her party was the only one that had run a campaign in the past to increase vaccination, when, for example, she proposed an increase in the number of mobile vaccination teams.

The chairwoman of the For the People party was not mandatory for a few days ago. Last week, she said she did not see ordering vaccination for certain groups as the right solution.

She then described the possibility for employers to reward vaccinated employees as a more feasible path. Today, it also accepted the introduction of compulsory vaccination if the measures do not work.

“We will not move forward until we have vaccinated the elderly. We want incentives and measures to benefit those who are vaccinated first. If that does not help, let’s talk about the compulsory vaccination of the elderly.” said the chairwoman of the For People party.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that they had discussed some of the proposals with the Minister of Finance because they would have an impact on the budget. They believe that they will reach an agreement in the coalition.

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