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It is not worth waiting for a new car. Buy verified used – PRAVDA.sk


Nov 25, 2021

New cars currently have extremely long delivery times. Used vehicles will serve just as well. All they have to do is come from a verified source.

11/25/2021 00:00

The novelty will interest everyone who longs for their own car right away

Warehouses with new vehicles are empty and car deliveries are being extended due to unavailable components. An alternative is to buy a used vehicle, which may have defects that the lay eye will not detect.

New page with second-hand vehicles Proven car with warranty from Summit Motors Slovakia, an importer of the Ford brand, offers only completely tested cars up to the age of 5.

The technical condition of the vehicles is checked by experts

Proven car with warranty offers only vehicles with a maximum mileage of 100,000 kilometers and a demanding 100-point roadworthiness test. During it, the service history of the car is checked, the body and condition of the engine, transmission, chassis and other parts are checked. Finally, all cars are diagnosed electronically and their software is updated.

FORD 4, PR, do not use

The car has a one-year warranty

Every new owner Proven car with warranty will receive a Europe-wide warranty for one year and free assistance services for two years. There is also a choice of low-interest financing. In addition, it is possible to exchange or return the vehicle within 30 days, provided that it has not been driven more than 1,000 kilometers since purchase.

There are various brands on offer

Proven car with warranty offers cars of different brands and categories. If you are considering buying a used vehicle and do not want to worry about it, just visit the website Verified car with warranty or one of the dealerships and choose from the offer. Vehicles are added every day and you can buy them all over Slovakia.

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