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Rise in the East! The mayor of Košice coughs up government regulations: He closed the kindergartens and added a sharp link – Topky.sk


Nov 25, 2021

As the Košice city district of Staré Mesto informed on the social network Facebook, the kindergartens under their jurisdiction will be closed from Monday. “Mayor Igor Petrovčik as a statutory of the Košice – Staré Mesto district, which is the founder and operator of six kindergartens in Staré Mesto, after careful consideration of the critical situation and on the recommendation of experts, decided that SCHOOLS CLOSED, “ it is written in the announcement.

Two kindergartens are already closed due to the high morbidity of staff and children. From Monday, all six will be closed, namely Rumanova Kindergarten, Jarná Kindergarten, Park Angelinum Kindergarten, Zádielska Kindergarten, Hrnčiarska Kindergarten and Tatranská Kindergarten.

They thanked their parents for their understanding. “We care about your health and the health of your children,” they would.

Mayor Igor Petrovchik explains his decision by saying that the most critical situation so far in the development of the Covid-19 pandemic requires immediate respect for experts, not populist decisions by politicians.

Source: SITA

In fact, the closure of kindergartens has never been talked about

Yesterday, the government decided to take new, more stringent measures and introduce a two-week lockdown for all. However, this was preceded by the opinion of a board of experts, which presented its own proposals. Among them was the closure of schools. However, this did not apply to kindergartens or primary schools. Only secondary school students, secondary school students and university students were to remain at home. Full-time tuition was to be limited from 25 November to 3 December.

However, the government decided otherwise and left the schools open. However, this was preceded by a heated debate due to the divergent attitude. Ministers OĽaNO and We are a family were convinced that the situation was so serious that schools should close, but the SaS party exercised its right of veto. The leader for people, Veronika Remišová, did not support the measures taken at all.

Despite the opinion of the council, the Minister of Education for SaS, Branislav Gröhling, was particularly opposed to closing schools. Even his resignation was declining.

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