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Catholic bishops criticize lockdown again. They do not like the ban on services – TVNOVINY.sk


Nov 25, 2021

25. 11. 2021 09:09 | BRATISLAVA / TASR

They demand his appeal as soon as possible.

Believers during Holy Mass in the Church of the Annunciation (Franciscan Church) in Bratislava.
Photo: TASR

The re-lockdown is a great disappointment for Slovak Catholic bishops. The bishops do not consider the ban on public services to be appropriate and demand its removal as soon as possible. They said this in response to a new lockdown coupled with a blanket ban on public services. The press office of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (KBS) informed about it.

In their opinion, the bishops claim that since the beginning of the pandemic, KBS has supported both compliance with the measures and vaccinations for all those who are allowed by their health.

“Because we care about every human life, the situation of hospitals and because we see the exhaustion of health professionals, we have already accepted many limitations and patiently motivate everyone to take responsibility. However, a promise was made that the public celebration of services would no longer be forbidden, “the bishops said.

There is a state of emergency and curfew in Slovakia, with a few exceptions. HERE is their overview

At the same time, they claim that a lockdown and a blanket ban on public services could have been avoided. “We are very upset that it is happening again. We do not consider a blanket ban on public worship to be appropriate in a situation where many other areas of life remain open and we call for its revocation as soon as possible, “they noted. They added that a look at neighboring countries, which strictly respect religious freedom, shows that there are other solutions here as well.

Believers will be prohibited from attending group services during the next lockdown period. Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) confirmed that individual pastoral activity would remain allowed, so believers would be able to go to confession or individual reception. “It will also be possible to organize Masses online,” the prime minister said, adding that a number of people would be needed for the purpose.

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