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VIDEO – First “autonomous” store opened by Carrefour in Paris: how does it work? – LCI


Nov 25, 2021

No more queues when it comes time to pay. This is the promise of the new concept tested by Carrefour in a store in the 11th arrondissement of Paris from this Thursday. Like everywhere else, the customer selects his products. But at the time of payment, it will suffice to appear in front of a tablet which then directly displays the content to be paid.

Goodbye, therefore, the scanning step at the checkout. The basket is validated on the screen and payment is made in contactless mode, directly on the tablet, or on an automatic checkout.

In order to make this possible, in each department, under each product, the store has installed scales, they are the ones that detect the slightest movement when a customer withdraws or puts back an item. “If I take two, the scale will weigh two tablets. If I put one back, it will know that I took only one tablet, so a tablet will be in my virtual basket.”, details Élodie Perthuisot, e-commerce, data and digital transformation executive director of the group, in the TF1 20H report at the top of this article.

In addition, 60 cameras, from the walls and the ceiling, observe the customer, via a technology developed with the Californian start-up AiFi, as soon as he enters the store. “For 50 square meters, that may seem like a lot. But that’s what allows us to have 96% reliability. Because by having different shots, we manage to have all cases a little complex – when the customers cross their arms, when the customers are very close to each other – to have baskets that are made in real time and in a fair way “, explains Miguel Angel González Gisbert, technology and data director of the Carrefour group.

And if the customer has any doubts, four employees take turns to advise him but also to restock the shelves. If this experiment opens its doors Thursday morning, dozens of stores of this type from other brands are developing in France in order to reduce the time spent at the checkout. “Faced with e-commerce where you can buy with the click of a mouse on your sofa, the business must react. So that meets an expectation, ‘I don’t want to waste time in the store, I want to go fast ‘”, underlines Yves Puget, director of LSA, magazine devoted to the news of the mass distribution.

Other brands are pushing innovation even further. In Croix, in the North, an Auchan store has neither a cash register nor a salesperson. You just have to leave the store with your products and everything to pay with an application directly linked to your bank account. “We take our product, we go there and in fact, we don’t even feel like we have been to the store”, testifies a client. These models are inspired by the twenty or so supermarkets of this type developed by Amazon across the United States, and more recently by Aldi, in the United Kingdom.

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