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Case of the sextape: Benzema condemned, a double speech of the court is controversial – eleven Mondial


Nov 25, 2021

Zapping Eleven Mondial Top10 Ligue1 Scorers – Day 13

A few hours before shining against Sheriff Tiraspol in the Champions League, with a goal in the large victory (3-0) of Real Madrid already qualified for the knockout stages, Karim Benzema learned of the verdict of the Versailles Criminal Court concerning the sextape affair.

Sentenced for complicity in attempted blackmail against Mathieu Valbuena, Benzema received the maximum penalty he risked, namely a year in prison suspended and a fine of 75,000 euros. A sentence that made his lawyers jump, who immediately announced their intention to appeal the decision. Lawyers also annoyed by a reproach formulated publicly by the president of the court as explained by the Team.

The court had assured that his absence was not a problem!

Indeed, at the time of the verdict, Karim Benzema was criticized for his absence from the trial to give his version himself. Except that according to Maitre Cormier, the speech given by the court behind the scenes was not at all that. “When we asked on the sidelines of the trial if this absence was a problem, we were assured that no, that Karim Benzema was not the central figure in this case”, assures the lawyer of Karim Benzema, whose absence obviously constituted an aggravating circumstance.

A Benzema apparently affected by the verdict as explained by his other lawyer, Maitre Antoine Vey on RMC. “He’s not happy to be sentenced for something he didn’t do. On the other hand, it is a matter shrouded in a media veil that is extremely unpleasant for Mr Valbuena, as for Mr Benzema. For him, it’s unsettling. He is a high level athlete who has demonstrated for five years that he has exemplary behavior ethically and personally. To be brought back to this story in which he has nothing to do and for which he is totally foreign, it is quite painful. We could have had an acquittal judgment, which would have been the end. Unfortunately, he will have to explain himself on appeal, which he will do ”

to summarize

Karim Benzema was heavily condemned yesterday in the sextape case. With a big reproach of the court is controversial. Indeed, the absence of the Real Madrid striker was blamed when the court had said the opposite behind the scenes.

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