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The 5 things you should know this November 25: Guilty the three accused in the death of Ahmaud Arbery


Nov 25, 2021

NASA launches a mission that is scheduled to hit a near-Earth asteroid. Former FARC combatants and victims are betting on peace in Colombia 5 years after the agreement was signed. One year has passed since the death of Diego Armando Maradona. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Jury finds three defendants guilty of Ahmaud Arbery’s death

Travis McMichael, the man who shot and killed Arbery, was found guilty of all nine counts in the young black’s death. Meanwhile, Gregory McMichael was found guilty on all counts except intentional homicide. William Bryan acquitted of some charges but found guilty of the murder.


The Merkel era in Germany comes to an end after the agreement of the opposition parties

Three German political parties have sealed a deal for a new government, with leftist Olaf Scholz as the next proposed chancellor after lengthy coalition negotiations and a landmark election in which Angela Merkel leaves office after 16 years at the helm.

Angela Merkel makes her last visit to the Vatican 1:38


NASA launches mission that plans to collide with a near-Earth asteroid

The DART mission spacecraft lifted off aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. But the real test for this asteroid deflection technology will come in September 2022, when the spacecraft reaches its destination, to see how the motion of a near-Earth asteroid impacts space.

NASA launches space mission to deflect asteroid in 2022 1:04


Former FARC combatants and victims bet on peace in Colombia 5 years after the agreement was signed

Five years after the signing of the peace accords between the Colombian government and the FARC, some ex-combatants and victims of the war are working in various productive enterprises to rebuild the country’s social fabric.

Beer, coffee and honey: the projects that bet on peace in Colombia 4:06


The story that led to November 25 being declared the day against violence against women

Every November 25, the length and breadth of the planet resound the voices denouncing violence against women. The choice of this date is not accidental. Behind them are the Mirabal sisters, three women who stood up to the bloody dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic and were brutally murdered. This is his story.

Rebecca Solnit seeks to be part of the great feminist wave 6:56

At coffee time

“The First Woman”, NASA’s Graphic Novel Starring an Afro-Latina

“The First Woman: A NASA Promise for Humanity” is the interactive graphic novel in Spanish recently released by NASA, which tells the story of Calista “Callie” Rodríguez, a young Afro-Latin woman who grew up in the popular neighborhood of Little Havana o Little Havana in Miami, Florida, and that she becomes the first astronaut to go to the Moon.

Snoopy will reach the moon with a very special mission 1:05

Keanu Reeves says he “married under the eyes of God” to Winona Ryder

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder may be one of the oldest “married couples” in Hollywood. This is the story.

What is the most consumed meat in Latin America?

The crisis in the supply chain has impacted multiple sectors and products around the world, including food and specifically meat. Despite this situation, meat continues to be highly consumed in Latin America.

To prevent covid-19, questions to ask family and friends before Thanksgiving gatherings

This Thursday marks the second Thanksgiving Day during the coronavirus pandemic. Many grandparents are excitedly planning to see their grandchildren. Friends grace their dining tables to serve turkey and dine with loved ones. To celebrate safely, here are four questions to ask your friends and family before meetings.

Gas prices affect Thanksgiving trips 2:15

One year after the death of Diego Armando Maradona

It is the first anniversary of the eternal 10 of Argentine soccer. To commemorate it, we invite you to take this test on the data of the Cosmic Kite race and we review 10 of the most outstanding stories of his life.

The first anniversary of the death of Diego Maradona 5:04

The number of the day


Samsung will create 2,000 jobs in Texas with a new $ 17 billion chip factory.

Samsung to create 2,000 jobs in Texas 0:48

Quote of the day

“(Pablo Montero has no) party or flag other than Mexican music.”

The singer’s press agent Pablo Montero responded to criticism for his participation in Nicolás Maduro’s birthday.

Day selection

PlayStation deals during Black Friday 2021: accessories, games and more

Here we show you everything that you can already buy on sale for your PS4 or PS5 for Black Friday.

And to finish…

See Australia’s Great Barrier Reef come to life with a “magical” explosion of colors

This is how life is created on the Australian Barrier Reef 0:57

Scientists say it is a positive sign that the reef can regenerate despite ecological threats.

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