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Coronavirus: Lockdown (minute by minute) applies in Slovakia from Thursday – SME.sk


Nov 25, 2021

Nov 25, 2021 at 12:01 am I Updated at 10:13

In Slovakia, the lockdown and the curfew with exceptions apply again.

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The article continues under the video ad

10:11 SLOVAKIA – Full-time teaching in schools and the fact that schools are not closed at all is only possible thanks to the high vaccination coverage of teachers and school staff, which is at the level of 68.1 percent. The number of vaccinated children from 12 to 18 years of age is 25.6 percent.

The Ministry of Education will therefore provide a financial contribution for almost 150,000 employees of schools or school facilities in the delegated performance of state administration as well as in the original competencies. They can be used for disinfection, testing or other protective equipment.

“It is very important for us that the operation of schools is not limited and that, in compliance with all preventive measures, full-time teaching is provided for students,” said the Minister of Education. Branislav Gröhling.

10:00 SLOVAKIA – 10,165 people with a positive PCR test were added, almost 71 percent of them were not vaccinated. 51 people lost Covid.

30,620 PCR assays were performed.

The most positive tests were in the Žilina region, the least in the Nitra region. 2,063 people had a positive antigen test, of whom more than 71 percent were not vaccinated.

The number of patients in hospitals has decreased by 12, currently there are 3188 patients with COVID-19. There are 291 patients at JIS, 259 people need support for artificial lung ventilation. Almost 84 percent of patients are not vaccinated or have only one dose of vaccine.

9:53 SLOVAKIA – In urban public transport (MHD) in Žilina the special holiday regime will apply from Friday (November 26). The reason is the deteriorating epidemic situation and reduced demand for public transport services. The Transport Company of the City of Žilina (DPMŽ) informed about it on the social network.

“On the timetables at the stops, the departures for this mode are shown in the middle (green) column. At the same time, we warn passengers that public transport is still only possible with a respirator on,” the transport company said.

9:36 SLOVAKIA – As of today, Brezno is limiting the functioning of the town hall. As the town hall informs on the social network, the office is closed to the public until further notice.

The reason is the unfavorable situation associated with COVID-19 and the government of the Slovak Republic declared a lockdown. However, the relevant agenda will be provided by officials.

9:34 WORLD – The Czech government will meet today due to the deteriorating epidemic situation in the afternoon to discuss further tightening of anti-drug measures.

The meeting was originally scheduled for Friday, the Czech news server informed iDNES.cz.

The new measures should relate in particular to limiting contacts that are not necessary. The government, according to the prime minister Andrej Babiš does not consider a complete lockdown.

9:28 WORLD – In the past day, there were 12,165 coronavirus infections in Hungary, and 185 patients died in connection with the covid.

The operational staff informed about it on the website koronavirus.gov.hu. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people infected has risen to 1,057,017 and the number of covid-related deaths has risen to 33,704.

8:33 SLOVAKIA – Lockdown again is a big disappointment for Slovak Catholic bishops.

The bishops do not consider the ban on public services to be appropriate and demand its removal as soon as possible. They stated this in response to a new lockdown associated with a blanket ban on public worship.

6:28 WORLD – More than 100,000 people have died in Germany since the beginning of the pandemic infected with a new type of coronavirus.

This economically strongest European country is currently struggling with an increase in new cases, with 351 deaths in the last day in connection with the covid.

The total number of deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic has thus risen to 100,119. The number of infections in Germany has reached record levels in recent days and intensive care units are rapidly filling up.

6:18 WORLD – There have been 18,000 new cases in the Czech Republic in the past day, 5,886 patients are currently in hospitals with covid, 848 of whom are in severe condition.

Lockdown and measures:

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  • the curfew is valid for two weeks, with the exception of 1.00 to 5.00.
  • all shops except essential are closed
  • necessary services are available – window sales of gastronomic establishments, banks, insurance companies, car repair shops and MOT, dry cleaners, e-shop dispensaries, key service, opticians, mobile service, spas for health reasons
  • entry to the OTP mode will be mandatory from the workplace from Monday, it is recommended to work from home
  • schools remain open, pupils will have to be tested regularly
  • services will be broadcast online, individual pastoral service for reception and confession is allowed
  • See an overview of measures, prohibitions and exemptions >>>>

Coronavirus: Slovakia introduces lockdown with exceptions (minute by minute)

0:00 SLOVAKIA We are in a situation in which Slovakia has not yet been. There is the worst epidemiological situation in the whole coronavirus pandemic. That is why the government has reintroduced a state of emergency and lockdown with exceptions.

The measures are therefore no longer governed by the covid machine, but a curfew applies to everyone from midnight. How long will the lockdown last, or who will be affected, are just some of the questions to which we have prepared answers >>>>

All about coronavirus and COVID-19

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