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Matovič attacked again in the evening after the government: In status, he sided with the SaS, he is irritated by open schools! – Topky.sk


Nov 25, 2021

VIDEO Evening announcement of measures directly from the Prime Minister:

The government adopted a final, hard lockdown and emergency on Wednesday evening, which is to last 90 days, but the deadlines may be extended due to the development of the situation. At first, it was said that certain benefits and exemptions from the bans would apply to the vaccinated, but the situation reached such a dramatic point that something like this could no longer be done. The government and the consul promise reduced mobility from the bans, thus stabilizing the pandemic situation.

They also wanted to close schools

Originally, there was also talk of a complete closure of schools, which surprisingly should have come to the government Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský (nom. OĽaNO), but this proposal was not finally implemented and Minister of Education Branislav Gröhling at the government meeting with other colleagues from SaS this proposal vetoed.

Although SaS is more or less satisfied with the result of the negotiations and not all schools will eventually close, Igor Matovič found time for critical status in the evening and gave them an exception to the lockdown. According to this measure and in Matovič’s words, the children are like “experimental rabbits”.

Matovič called the previous decision stupid

Matovič also accuses Gröhling and others of the fact that some time ago mandatory protective veils were abolished in schools. “After an extremely stupid decision to abolish the protective veil for children in schools a few weeks ago, the schools literally became the detonator of Covid until the whole of Slovakia burned down for us… and so today they are the most positive school-age children and their parents.” criticizes Matovic’s decision.

According to him, the consulium recommended that he close ll for at least 7 days. primary and secondary schools. “The three coalition parties – OĽANO, We Are Family and For the People – supported the proposal. Matovic finished.

Source: Facebook / Igor Matovic

Gröhling has four reasons for open schools

At the same time, Minister of Education Branislav Gröhling wrote on the social network on Wednesday during the government meeting why schools open to him are so important even during the lockdown.

Matovic the evening after the government

Source: Facebook / Branislav Gröhling – Education is the future of the country

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