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The new Ford Ranger builds on American style, modern interiors and even a six-cylinder under the hood – REFRESHER


Nov 25, 2021

The Ranger is the best-selling pickpock in Europe with almost a 40 percent share, to a completely new, so great attention is being paid to the 4th generation. According to previous notices, Ford shows it to the world at the end of November, with a plethora of news.

Although the Ranger has been sold worldwide so far, it has become more visually different from the individual continents. From now on, we are witnessing a universal global design that is particularly reminiscent of full-size pickpocks in the US market.

The front part thus has a robust mask, which has full-LED headlights on the sides (for an additional charge Matrix-LED) with a light signature in the shape of the letter C. This is followed by new taillights, which can not lack a lid with embossed Raptor inscription.

The new generation has more massive fenders, which protrude more into the space and suggest that the vehicle has been expanded by up to 50 millimeters intergenerationally. We do not yet know the exact dimensions of the novelty, behind the mentioned data there is a modified chassis with extended wheelbase and axles.

Source: Ford

The rear body, which is supposed to provide even more space, benefits from the increase in the wheelbase of the wheels and axles. New anchoring eyes and additional dividing compartments have been added, while the surface of the hull is newly covered with a special durable plastic. A novelty is the step behind the rear axle, which will improve access to the load, at the age of the body, on the contrary, added a ruler and holes for attaching external clamps.

The cockpit underwent an even greater visual change, where two huge screens came. In addition to the 12.3 “digital alarm clocks, a vertically oriented 10.1” display has moved into the center of the dashboard, which can be enlarged to more than 12 “at an additional cost. intuitive operation.

Source: Ford

The offer includes a 360-degree camera system, the carmaker speaks of a larger number of storage spaces, which have also increased between generations. Of interest is the electronic selector of the optional automatic transmission, which has non-traditional buttons on the sides for manual shifting. The customer has a choice of two types of drive on both axles – connected electronically while driving or permanent all-wheel drive. In addition to a wider range of driving modes for different conditions, there will also be a reduction.

The most important information of the 4th generation is the presence of a 3.0 V6 diesel engine with an output of 185 kW / 252 hp and 600 Nm. This will be the top of the offer, which will complement the weaker 2-liter four-cylinder with one or two turbochargers. The question is whether the six-cylinder comes from a Volkswagen workshop, with which Ford worked in the development of the new generation. Either way, the high-volume engine will definitely come in handy in difficult terrain conditions or when towing a trailer. We do not know the prices yet, as the new Raptor will not reach its first customers until the turn of 2022 and 2023.

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