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That’s the view! Markéta Konvičková had to come out with the truth: See what she kept from everyone – Pluska.sk


Nov 25, 2021

yesterday 11:37

Markéta Konvičková surprised with her openness. This is how she really looks now.

Someone would say that she is “grandma’s blood and milk”, but Markéta knows her own. The former SuperStarist has been enjoying her first-born daughter Amálka for over a year. She is all the happier that she was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago, for which she was worried that she would ever be able to have children.

Fortunately, Markéta was in good health, she managed her pregnancy well, she didn’t even gain much weight, so she had “her weight” relatively shortly after giving birth and she could be proud of her slim figure again. Finally, her photos on the social network also documented it, but …

After all, the truth seems to have been a little different. Markéta now revealed that after she stopped breastfeeding Amálka’s daughter, her kilograms gained to the point that she did not weigh so much even during her pregnancy. And how come it wasn’t visible on her? Markéta admitted that the photo on the social network can be “tuned in” so that one looks good, but the reality may be completely different.

Markéta admitted that she gained more than she would like, see PHOTO!

And really, Markéta has gained quite a lot, see the PHOTO in the GALLERY, how it is changed. Of course, as she gradually returns to the music scene, she wants to get in shape, so she starts to lose weight. So far, she has undergone a detoxification treatment, which deprived her of five kilograms in 9 days, but so far she has mostly lost only water. Therefore, the singer decided to continue losing weight to get rid of fat pads. The singer boasts that she can already find time for Amálka for herself, so she believes that she will make it to a successful end so that she feels good again.

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