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Nov 24, 2021

Buying a car that had one or more previous owners has its risks. They can be prevented by obtaining it from a certified source. This is also the case with the new project Verified car with a guarantee, thanks to which customers can be sure that they are not buying a cat in a bag.

New cars have been waiting a long time

Outages of suppliers have caused the waiting time for a new car to be significantly extended. To satisfy customers looking for a new car, Summit Motors Slovakia, a Ford importer, has decided to launch a unique project with second-hand vehicles. Proven car with warranty offers cars up to 5 years of age that have driven a maximum of 100,000 kilometers.

The technical condition will be checked for you by professionals

A lot can go wrong with a driven car. That is why all the cars that are included in the offer pass Proven car with warranty up to 100-point technical inspection. This includes checking the car’s service history, checking the body, condition of the engine, transmission, chassis and much more.

Thanks to this complete inspection, even a layman can be sure that he is buying a good vehicle that will last him. Finally, all cars are diagnosed electronically and, in addition to verifying the functions, their software will also be updated.

By buying a tested car you get an extra warranty

Every vehicle sold through Proven car with warranty will receive a Europe-wide warranty for one year. In addition, free assistance services for a period of two years and the possibility of advantageous financing with an interest rate as with the purchase of a new vehicle will be added. If the car still does not fit, you can replace or return it at any time within 30 days, if you have not driven more than 1000 kilometers.

There are various brands on offer

Despite the fact that the Verified Car with Warranty is a project of an importer of the Ford brand, you will also find competing brands such as Volkswagen, Škoda, Kia or Hyundai. Proven cars with warranty can be found throughout Slovakia and Summit Motors Slovakia also plans to expand its network of physical stores so that it can offer customers quality services such as when buying a new car.

More information can be found at: prevereneauto.sk.

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