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Nov 24, 2021

On Tuesday, the sad news of the death of the beautiful actress Marie Versini († 81), who became famous mainly as the sister of Apache chief Winnetou Nsho-chi, hit the world. Despite the fact that she was successful in her career and became a movie icon, her personal life was no longer so happy. During the filming of the legendary film, Marie fell in love with a man she could not have.

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Marie Versini died at the age of 81 in the French region of Brittany. Winnetou Pierre Brice († 86) himself went to film heaven in 2015, and in 1973 Lex Barker († 54) alias Old Shatterhand. The late actor and actor Old Shatterhanda was the reason why the actress was troubled during the making of the film.

Lex Barker and M. Versini

Source: Profimedia

Marie Versini fell in love with the actor during their first meeting in Croatia. “When director Reinl introduced me to Lex Barker in Croatia, I fell to my knees. I fell in love with him immediately. “ Versini never concealed.

But the love for the charismatic Lex remained unfulfilled. The skirter Barker was married for the fourth time at the time, and in addition, his wife, the Swiss actress Irene Labhart, was fighting deadly leukemia. “Knowing that I hurt a sick person, I probably wouldn’t be able to live. If Lex were free, everything would have turned out differently. “ Versini recalled.

Marie Versini as the film Nshochi.

Source: Profimedia

Despite her unrequited love, hope shone on her in 1962. In that year, the actor’s sick wife failed to fight the insidious disease and committed suicide. Mária Versiniová so she could have a free path to his heart. However, fate wanted it differently, and she never filmed Barker again.


Do you think that actors would be suitable for each other in real life?

Shortly afterwards, the film Old Shatterhand found a new love. In 1972, Barker got engaged again. This time with actress Karen Kondazian and the sixth wedding was approaching. However, this has not happened yet. The actor died three days after his 54th birthday as he walked downtown New York for his love. Unfortunately, his heart stopped working right on the street. With his death, the last hope thus vanished Marie Versini to spend her life alongside a beloved man.

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