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Attorney General ŽILINKA decided in the case of cottage recordings – Pluska.sk


Nov 24, 2021

Shocking game! Attorney General Maroš Žilinka published a contribution on the social network, which is to be the last point in the case of the intercepted cottage. A month ago, videos of interceptions from the meetings of former Prime Minister Robert Fico (57), former Minister of the Interior Robert Kaliňák (50), oligarch Miroslav Bödör (72) and lawyers Marek Paru and Pavel Gašpar leaked to the public. Interviews from a hunting lodge in Čifáry were to be intercepted on suspicion of poaching by close friend of businessman Norbert Bödör, wrestler Matúš Mečár.

On November 18, the regional prosecutor in Nitra canceled the criminal prosecution in the matter of poaching, which was covered by media recordings. The reason for this was its illegality, said the prosecutor of the regional prosecutor’s office Jaroslav Maček. Žilinka gave the last imaginary point in the case. “The audio-visual recordings made in the criminal case of” Poľovnícka chata “, after the cancellation of the criminal prosecution by the regional prosecutor in Nitra due to illegality, cannot be used as evidence in any criminal proceedings,” wrote on social network.

The recordings from the cottage also contain interviews in which Robert Fico mentions Maroš Žilinka. The head of Smer said that the head of the prosecutor’s office should be afraid of something. “He closed completely, sold some things, motorcycles and things like that. He doesn’t go anywhere and does nothing. “ the media quotes the words of the head of the Direction. He adds that he allegedly responds with “smilies” to any encouraging text messages that Žilinka receives from him in connection with her actions. “He’s just so scared.” Fico continues.

You can find the entire status of Maroš Žilinka in the gallery

The official reason for eavesdropping on the cottage was the case of poaching. Later, the recordings were to become part of the investigation of the Purgatory case, to confirm the efforts of several people from the environment of politics, business and advocacy to influence the prosecution of the most serious criminal cases.

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