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“Aline”: A brother and a sister of Celine Dion pay for the film of Valérie Lemercier – Ozap


Nov 24, 2021

Part of Celine Dion’s family criticizes “Aline”. Guests Tuesday evening on the set of the Canadian show “La Semaine des 4 Julie”, presented by Julie Snyder, Claudette and Michel Dion, brother and sister of Celine Dion, from a family of 13 brothers and sisters, did not hide their little affection for the film by Valérie Lemercier freely retracing the history of the famous singer.

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My mother never spoke like that to René, and Céline never wanted for anything. We pass for a gang of Bougon. I know their history of the cabin in Canada. I’m sorry, but in Charlemagne, we didn’t have a cabin, and the house was always clean. We always say that we have never known misery because mum knew how to do everything and dad had three jobs“, said Claudette Dion, Celine’s older sister, moved and saying”to grieve“.”I don’t recognize the language, I don’t recognize the family, I don’t recognize our roots“, she added, believing that the film was not”a great success“.

The two Dions also criticize certain humorous sequences of the feature film and the invention of the character of the makeup artist and confidant of Aline. “It’s not what we thought it would be“, they blurted. And to add, more directly about Valérie Lemercier:”She took a nasty trip on the back of Celine’s life“.

“Aline” tops the French box office

Fan of the singer, Valérie Lemercier assumed from the beginning the freedom taken vis-à-vis the real life of the singer, summed up by the title of the film. “It was easier to invent things, to lie, so that we don’t have the names of real people, so as not to embarrass … So that a brother wouldn’t tell us’ In 1998 my sweater was red and not blue ‘“she said premonitiously.”Then she had fifteen houses, you only saw three. And vis-à-vis René too. It was also funnier to put a little of yourself in it“.

Released on November 10 in France, “Aline” drew nearly 600,000 spectators in one week, ranking at the top of the box office. This is the second best start for a film by Valérie Lemercier. Only “Royal Palace!”, Released in 2005, managed to do better when it was released with 953,105 tickets sold. “Aline” was thus tenth in the ranking of the first weeks of 2021.

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