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Tensions in the east! The Russians are boasting a new weapon: we are paralyzing NATO on land, at sea and in the air – Topky.sk


Nov 24, 2021

With the new “Star Warrior” technology available to the Russian armed forces, American aircraft, ships and ground forces may be literally paralyzed. Russia’s main concern is that NATO missiles, which are guided in the air by the GPS system, should be unusable in a possible provocation in Ukraine, he writes. Daily Mail.

The US feared an attack on the ISS

Russia’s state television said Tuesday night that ASAT anti-satellite missiles could blind not only 32 NATO satellites but also their ground, air and naval forces. The technology passed a successful test on a broken Russian satellite last week. The flight path was in close proximity to the International Space Station (ISS), causing Russia to incite outrage and great concern from Washington. The Russians were aware of this, because after this event they officially declared that it was a warning shot for the West. Dmitry Kiselyov, journalist, moderator and supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that “Russia only shot down the old Tselina-D satellite in orbit. It was part of the anti-satellite system tests.”

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The threat to NATO comes at a time when Russia has sent more than 94,000 troops to Ukraine’s borders. This number is higher than in the case of the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The White House said earlier this week that it had serious concerns about Russian activity along the border. In addition to a large number of soldiers, more and more tanks and launchers are coming here. “We are very concerned about what is happening at the border with Ukraine. We call on Moscow to ease this tension.” US President Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki told the media.

An attempt to calm the situation

However, Russia’s foreign intelligence service SVR has accused Washington of inciting hysteria, with Moscow rejecting claims that their actions should lead to an invasion of Ukraine. “Americans are just painting a scary image of Russian tanks that will begin to occupy cities in Ukraine. They even claim that this information is substantiated.” reports the Russian press.

NATO plans to send troops

President Biden is already considering sending Javelin anti-tank missile launchers, which could prove necessary to stop a possible advance of Russian T-80 tanks, as well as Mi-17 helicopters, originally made for Afghanistan. However, some experts are cautious about sending NATO forces to Ukraine, as Moscow may see this as a provocation to provoke a military conflict.

Tensions in the east!  Russians

Source: TASR / Ajit Solanki

Nudol, nicknamed the “Star Fighter” in Russia, was tested a total of nine times between 2014 and 2020. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has confirmed that the new system has hit the satellite with high precision and that the fragments created after the collision pose no danger to the people of the Earth. The satellite was shot down after the US completed tests of its hypersonic missile Tsirkon. ” he added.

Tensions between the two sides escalated this week after the US showed maps of Ukraine where Russian troops were marked. The troops would be able to cross to Ukraine from the Crimea, from the Russian border and Belarus in a total of almost 100 thousand units. In addition, there would be air support. This scenario would also overcome the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Slovakia will never recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea, said Prime Minister Heger in Kiev

Other sources claim that Russia has called in an army at Ukraine’s borders as part of the largest mobilization since Soviet times. Moscow denies such information. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the relocation of Russian troops did not bother anyone and called Ukraine an aggressor. “In Ukraine, the situation is escalating, but provocations led by the use of force are being organized here and by NATO members.” However, there are reports from the USA that if Russia tries to repeat something similar to 2014, when it moved illegally with its troops to Ukraine and thus violated its sovereignty, this step will be considered as a further escalation of tension.

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