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VIDEO Big evening on Tehelné pole: Slovan wants to confirm the progress by winning over Thessaloniki! – Športky.sk


Nov 24, 2021
ŠK Slovan Bratislava coach Vladimír Weiss Source: TASR / Roman Hanc

BRATISLAVA – ŠK Slovan Bratislava footballers will play a key match in the F-group of the European Conference League on Thursday. PAOK Thessaloniki will welcome them on Tehelne Field and a three-point victory will ensure that they advance to the next stage. However, the guests will also fight for the triumph, because even for them, victory will mean the final of the process.

The table is led by FC Copenhagen, which has nine points and a two-point lead over the “whites”. PAOK is third and, like Slovan, has seven points. The Danish club on Thursday is waiting for a match on the ground of the Lincoln Red Imps outsider from Gibraltar. The Slavs will advance to the next stage of the triumph over the Greeks, and whether to advance from first place would be decided in the group’s final match. The trustees of Vladimír Weiss st. on the Copenhagen field.

8 winners of four-member groups will get directly into the knockout. The teams from the second places will play against the teams that finish in third place in the groups of the European League.

Goal celebrations of ŠK football players
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Source: TASR / Pavel Neubauer

The “Whites” mobilized their fans for this match, promising huge support from them. But the changes in the Covid slot machine, according to which only 200 spectators can be present at the sports mass event in the mode of vaccination and overcoming, thwarted their plans. In this context, Slovan suspended the sale of tickets and eventually set aside only 128 for the fans. Those who had purchased parcel tickets for the entire group phase could apply.

Slovan tuned in to the league match with a league triumph on the Michaloviec field, winning 2: 1. “We played a really challenging match with everything that goes with it. The victory before PAOK helped us, we joined as a team and we literally won three points. It is definitely better than thinking and worrying about losing points during the seven-hour trip to Bratislava, “ stated for the club website winger Jaromír Zmrhal.

Weiss also relies on emotions

Coach Weiss also reminded of the importance of Thursday’s fight. His charges drew 1: 1 in the first battle on Greek soil and now they need to defeat the Thessalonians. “It won’t be easy, but we can do it with good emotion.” Slovan’s coach noted.

The Georgian midfielder Jaba Kankava will certainly not be available to the Slavs. “Unfortunately, his mother died and he went to Georgia for a funeral. It’s a big loss for us in the middle of the field, because he makes a lot of black robots for the team. We have to try to at least partially replace him. Joeri de Kamps also had health problems and we’ll see if will be able to play, “ Weiss said. According to him, Slovan may surprise on Thursday: “We will put everything into it and I will not tell you today if it will be enough. Of course, the favorite of the match is PAOK, because it has more experienced players, but on the other hand our players already know how to play in Europe and I believe we can surprise. we can be successful, so if we succeed, it would be another success of Slovak football. We need to have emotions on Thursday, be well tactically and physically prepared, and sometimes a little luck is needed for all this. “

Defender Yuri Medvedev expects a challenging promotion: “The mood in the cabin is good before the important match. We are in a good mood after a series of wins and we would like to confirm it on Thursday. It is a pity that there will be so few spectators at the match, but we players and the club will not affect it. a fact we have to come to terms with. We have a new challenge ahead of us and we will go into the match one hundred percent ready. “

The duel on Tehelné pole from 6.45 pm is decided by the Dutch Dennis Higler together with assistants Erwin Zeinstro and Mario Diks. The live broadcast is broadcast by RTVS on Dvojka.

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