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Nov 24, 2021

HULOT. The show “Special Envoy” should unveil, Thursday, November 25, 2021, several testimonies of women accusing Nicolas Hulot of rape and sexual assault. According to the founder of the collective “Pouvoir feministe”, a victim was a minor at the time of the facts.

[Mis à jour mercredi 24 novembre 2021 à 19h47] New accusations of rape and sexual assault hang over Nicolas Hulot. The former star presenter of the show “Ushuaia” is implicated by five women who agreed to testify in an investigation carried out by “Correspondent“and which will be broadcast on France 2 Thursday 25 November 2021 in prime time. “I was one of those who warned each time about the danger of working with Nicolas Hulot, given his behavior with women”, reacted the former elected Europe ecology Les Verts (EELV), Sandrine Rousseau, at the microphone of BFM TV Grand Lille. According to the latter, the ecologist party should not have “shed light” on an elected official already under a rape complaint. “It was politically very dangerous,” she continued.

Close to the victims, the founder of the “Pourvoir Féministe” collective, Anaïs Leleux, also wished to testify on the continuous news channel. According to her, one of the victims who testified in the report was even a minor during the events. At the time, the alleged non-consensual sexual relationship would have taken place in a parking lot, reports Anaïs Leleux, on the set of BFMTV. According to the latter, “at least two letters” would have also been sent to the Elysee Palace to warn of the facts, and would have even “caused a stir”. But no answer was given.

Even though the investigation did not appear on television and no extract was broadcast, the former Minister of the Ecological Transition insisted on defending himself on Wednesday, November 24. Guest of BFM TV, he rejected en bloc all the accusations to which he is the subject, announcing, at the same time, to withdraw “definitively from public life” and ceding his chair as president of his foundation.

BFMTV’s video

During his visit to BFMTV, Nicolas Hulot defended himself from any sexual assault. “Neither near nor far I have committed these acts, these statements are false,” said the former host and politician. “I have never forced anyone”, he hammered, denouncing a “system which is losing its reason”, with “the justice which moves on the television sets”. “I am going to leave the honorary presidency of my foundation, to protect them from dirt (…) I am definitely leaving public life because I am disgusted,” he declared. “Why perpetuate a notoriety which makes me undergo the worst that a man can undergo?”.

Nicolas Hulot also decided to use shocking arguments in his defense: “I know that I have a very ungrateful physique and that therefore only constraint allows me to experience love stories … But more seriously, I don’t ‘ve never seduced by duress “. Words that will have provoked a reaction from the Minister Delegate in charge of Gender Equality Elisabeth Moreno. “To be ironic on such a subject? Seriously?”, She was indignant on Twitter.

Rumors and two accusers unveiled in 2018

This is not the first time that Nicolas Hulot has been at the heart of such an affair. In February 2018, while he was a member of Emmanuel Macron’s government, the TV host, known for his commitment to ecology, was the subject of an article in the magazine l ‘Ebdo, who has since disappeared, which reported a rape complaint filed in 2018 against him. A second older case was also revealed on this occasion.

The first case concerned accusations of alleged harassment suffered by a former employee of the Hulot Foundation. At the microphone of BFMTV already, on February 8, 2018, Nicolas Hulot had outright denied having been the subject of any complaint. “The answer is no, and I say it with all the more force that the person in question, who is perfectly identified, with whom I am in contact, will tell you the same thing”, he had hammered in front of Jean- Jacques Bourdin.

And when his interviewer had mentioned a “confidentiality agreement”, even a “financial transaction”, to buy the silence of the complainant, Nicolas Hulot had rebelled, asking that the “check” be brought to him as proof. The former collaborator of Nicolas Hulot would have subsequently been employed in the National Assembly, which feeds the theories of an exchange of good practices for cover up the case.

Pascale Mitterrand, the woman who accused Nicolas Hulot of rape in 2008

Nicolas Hulot, on the other hand, admitted to having been the subject of prosecution, ten years earlier, in 2008, by another woman, a young woman of 20, for alleged facts dating back to 1998. The former minister had first wanted to remove any suspicion about the complainant’s age: at the time of the alleged facts, she was not a minor according to him, while she was first presented as a young woman of 17 years old. Then Nicolas Hulot had indicated that he had been heard, at his request, by the gendarmes in charge of the case in 2008 and that it had been closed.

“It was dismissed because not only the case had been time-barred”, he said, but because “the investigators considered that nothing allowed to continue”. “It is true that there was this complaint but justice has passed, it must be taken into account,” he concluded. The identity of the complainant had been revealed: it was Pascale Mitterrand, granddaughter of François Mitterrand, then photographer for the Sipa agency, who had filed a complaint for “an act of rape”.

What do we know about the new rape accusations against Nicolas Hulot?

If on BFM TV, Nicolas Hulot assured that he did not know anything about the content of Thursday’s Special Envoy program (“the program in which I will be implicated) gave me a trickle of information on the condition that I agree to go respond to these accusations in their own program “), the news channel on which he defended himself obtained elements. According to BFM TV, Nicolas Hulot would have tried to force kiss certain women and would have tried to impose a fellatio in one parking lot on another.

Questioned by five women, Nicolas Hulot, for his part, gave some elements of the calendar: “the most serious of these accusations […] dates back to 1989, that is to say 32 years “, without further details. Presumably, the alleged facts go back to the end of the years 1980. No complaint would have been lodged at the time.

What does Special Envoy’s report on Nicolas Hulot contain?

No information on the content of the Special Envoy’s report has leaked, apart from the number of women called to testify (5). “It is the best kept secret of France Televisions”, assures the direction to the Parisian. Solicited by the program, Nicolas Hulot explained that he “learned from this program that they would have obtained, I would say perhaps even torn off, testimonies which seriously question me”. We also know that the investigative work would have lasted four years and does not contain the response of the respondent, who did not wish to comment on the accusations, judging on BFM TV that “justice and truth cannot come onto a television set.”

France TV has remained very discreet on the report on Nicolas Hulot. The various TV programs, just like the Francetvinfo site itself, only mention, for the time being, only two reports devoted to the climatic famine in Madagascar and the rise in energy prices with families who fail to heat up. A third theme should therefore be quickly added.

Biography of Nicolas Hulot

A fervent defender of ecology, Nicolas Hulot was born on April 30, 1955 in Lille. From his childhood, he already loved travel and photography. After a few odd jobs, Nicolas Hulot produced his first photo reports at the SIPA agency, a first job that allowed him to travel around the world. By virtue of his profession, the photographer is naturally interested in the world of media. The ecologist thus began a career as a journalist on the airwaves of France Inter. He then made his first steps on the small screen, in 1980, in a program for children, entitled “The visitors of Wednesday”.

In 1987, Nicolas Hulot launched on TF1 “Ushuaïa, the magazine of the extreme”, a program which will become a real success and propel him to the top. This program will result in a new channel, as well as a monthly newsstand. In parallel to his show on nature, which has become cult, Nicolas Hulot presents in 1996 “Operation Ovakango” on the same channel. Alongside his career as an animator, the journalist publishes several books focusing on nature and ecology, such as “Seeds of possibilities” or “Le syndrome du Titanic”.

The Nicolas Hulot Foundation and the “Ecological Pact”

As a former member of Europe Écologie-Les Verts, protecting the environment and raising public awareness of ecological issues are at the center of its asperities. In 1990, Nicolas Hulot created the “Ushuaïa Foundation” which became, in January 1995, the “Nicolas-Hulot Foundation for nature and man” then in 2011, the “Foundation for nature and man”.

Nicolas Hulot will consider running for the 2007 presidential election so that issues relating to environmental protection are truly taken into account. He will finally withdraw after the signing of the Ecological Pact by a large number of candidates from different parties. In April 2011, he declared himself a presidential candidate in 2012 and in this process enrolled in the ecological presidential primary in 2011. He was defeated by Eva Joly who reached 49.75% of the vote.

A minister of the Macron government

In 2015, he became “special envoy for the protection of the planet” which included the preparation of the 21st climate conference (COP21). In this context, he is launching the “Summit of Consciences”. The conference brings together around forty personalities from all over the world to answer the question “The climate, why do I care?” or “The climate, why do I care?” In January 2016, he left his post of special envoy.

On several occasions, Nicolas Hulot refused to be Minister of Ecology, however proposed by Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande. For Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, he will take the portfolio of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition in 2017. A position he left in August 2018, a few months after the revelation of a first case of alleged sexual assault, closed without follow-up.

Who is Florence Lasserre, Nicolas Hulot’s wife?

On the private side, Nicolas Hulot has been married since 2002 to Florence Lasserre, the mother of two of his three children, Nelson and Titouan. It was in January 1996 that the organizer of Ushuaia met, in Chamonix, this ski enthusiast who had lived for thirty years at the foot of Mont Blanc. He had then just separated from Isabelle Patissier, double world champion in climbing, with whom his marriage would break down between 1993 and 1996. Previously, he had lived with Dominique Cantien, director of varieties at TF1 from 1986 to 1992. A story that will end “in an explosive way” also tells his biography. After living in Corsica, the couple he still forms with Florence Lasserre settled in Saint-Lunaire, Brittany, where the latter will be deputy mayor.

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