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Netflix: after Squid Game, discover the South Korean fantasy thriller everyone is talking about – Hitek.fr


Nov 24, 2021

Since the worldwide success of Squid Game Korean series are the trend right now on Netflix! It must be said that the series of Hwang Dong-hyeok has imposed itself on the streaming platform in recent weeks but a new program could well come to challenge it. This is’a new series (we had already told you about) which is the adaptation of a webtoon made by Yeon Sang-Ho to whom we owe it Last Train to Busan.

Hellbound, what is it about?

If you haven’t seen it yet, this series is called Hellbound. It is actually an adaptation of the eponymous manga created by director Sang-Ho Yeon. In this fantastico-despotic six-episode thriller, creatures appear on Earth to condemn people to go to hell. Some humans then think that these angels are creatures of God and others want to know more and know their true origin.

And the series sets the tone from the first scene: a man scans his phone on which a count appears. We understand that this is the hour of his death. It is then that creatures of black smoke arrive and have the mission of capture the soul of the damned and leave their bodies charred. Very quickly, the images of these monsters go around the world and two groups are divided. On the one hand members of a religious cult called The New Truth who consider this to be a message from God and on the other, the members of La Pointe de Flèche who want to punish the guilty before the arrival of the angels. Of course, the police are never far away and will investigate the leaders of these two groups who each seem very well informed about the paranormal phenomena that everyone is talking about.

You would have understood it, Hellbound plunges us into a universe where horror and detective thriller mingle. The series also addresses questions of life and death, good and evil, relationships between humans and sometimes it is reminiscent of Black mirror.

The South Korean show focuses on well-crafted dialogues, a staging that keeps us spellbound and convincing special effects. Add to that the incredible performances of Ah-In Yoo as president of the New Truth sect, Yang Ik-June as the policeman who lost his wife and Kim Hyun-joo as a lawyer.

Press and public seduced by this new series

On the press side, The Telegraph compare the show to a mix between Da Vinci Code and The Ring which allows it from the outset to stand out from Squid Game. Even the creator of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, was seduced by saying that “Hellbound may be the best thing we’ve seen on Netflix this year“.

And on the public side, it seems to be working since Hellound just been the most watched program on Netflix in one week with 43.5 million hours watched between November 15 and 21, exceeding elsewhere Squid Game which had logged 30.4 million hours. The series is in the top 10 of 71 countries and tops this ranking in 12 countries.

Available since November 19, you can discover the six episodes of Hellbound on Netflix. The first three episodes focus on the investigation of the policeman and the president of Nouvelle Vérité and the last three take place five years after the events. And without spoiling you anything, the end-of-season cliffhanger lets us predict that a sequel should be in the works …

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