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Théo Christine in the film “Suprêmes”, a 200% JoeyStarr – Le Monde


Nov 24, 2021

To land the role of JoeyStarr in Audrey Estrougo’s feature film Supreme, Théo Christine has “All given”. Such an opportunity cannot be missed. And, nevertheless, he almost let her pass, from his first meeting with the director. “I had smoked like a patient just before, to make my voice hoarse, I arrived undermined like a caricature of a rapper and, in front of Audrey, I played him gruff, super at ease, a little in jerk. I was fully in the compositionhe said, laughing at himself. She thought, what is this funny and she was right ”.

Fortunately, the director was kind enough to see him again, this time identifying the true personality and potential of the young actor.

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In his defense, if Théo Christine, 22 at the time, played it like this, it was because he didn’t know much about hip-hop, NTM and JoeyStarr. “I grew up with two sisters and rap was not our culture at all. Besides, I didn’t listen to a lot of music. Me, I was rather surfing ”, says the young man, born in Vendée, where he grew up almost as much as in Martinique, where his father is from. The ideal, in short, to practice the surf which he thinks of making a career. “I took the sport study course in Vendée to become a professional, but I realized that if I failed, I would have little choice left, apart from a surf teacher. I thought about other possibilities. “

Théo Christine says he is instinctive and entrusts “doing everything thoroughly”. Other side of the coin, he gets bored quickly

He is 19 years old, is not a cinephile but is interested in the cinema, becoming an actor would please him well. So, when one of his sisters advised him to enroll in Cours Florent in Paris, he didn’t hesitate, went to the capital, changed his life, trained in the profession and discovered a passion. “Going to school was an ordeal, I was always dragging my feet. While, to go to Cours Florent, I got up at 7 am with a crazy desire. I did not know anything about the theater, I had never read much, I had everything to learn. “

“Do everything thoroughly”

Théo Christine says he is instinctive and confides “Do everything thoroughly”. The other side of the coin is that he quickly gets bored. Playing and changing roles for the first time saves him from boredom. He has found his way, wastes no time, makes his first appearance in the short film 9.58 by Louis Aubert (2017). He multiplies the experiences, turns in the clip of Jan Kounen Up All Night by DJ Agoria, plays in TV movies and in the series Skam (broadcast on France TV Slash). In the cinema, he starred in the comedy of Robin Sykes, The Final (2018), and in Nicolas Maury’s first feature film, Rag boy (2020). Supreme offers him his first major role alongside Sandor Funtek, the interpreter of Kool Shen.

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