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Battlefield 2042: almost 2x more players than BF V and updates are coming – Xboxygen


Nov 24, 2021

Despite the complicated launch of Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts and DICE nevertheless seem to have interested many players since the publisher announces almost twice as many people as at the launch of Battlefield v in 2018. Aware that there is still some way to go, the developers are now detailing part of the game’s roadmap.

Battlefield 2042 is beyond DICE expectations

“Thank you to all of you – the way you play and what you create in the game is amazing and beyond our expectations. “

If the game is performing beyond DICE expectations, this is already a good sign for the developers given the negative feedback from players and the technical condition in which the game was released. Many bugs taint the games, but two major updates are planned “in the coming weeks”.

Teams around the world are working 24/7 to evolve and make improvements to the game. Since launch, we have made a number of service updates that have improved server performance as well as storage. and the restoration of content that does not work according to our designs.

The return of missing features

On the networks, players had fun listing what was missing from this episode compared to previous ones, and the list goes on. DICE is aware of this and says “carefully evaluate the desires to see the return of the inherited functionalities”. As incredible as it may sound for a massive multiplayer game in 2021, it is not yet possible to speak in-game via voice chat.

The end-of-game dashboard, server browser, and features like voice chat are great topics that we all need to cover at the same time, and we have a lot to say about them. We’ll get back to you when we have things to show you, including details of our long-term view of certain features and functions.

Upcoming Battlefield 2042 Updates

Good news, the next big update for Battlefield 2042 arrives this Thursday, November 25 and another is expected in the wake.

  • Update # 2 November 25, 2021
  • Update # 3 early December 2021

Among the points that must be improved and corrected in the future, DICE first highlights the stability of its servers. This includes hitmarker or spawn issues with the wrong gear. There are also optimizations made for the Xbox Series X | S and PC, but more will be coming.

Gameplay and balance will also be reviewed. DICE is therefore planning a fix in December for inconsistencies in aiming behavior with respect to mouse sensitivity settings. On console, the developers are also working on the subject of aiming assistance (Aim Assist) and more generally on the reduction of the effects of dispersion of bullets, in particular on assault rifles like the AK-24.

Another topic that DICE is actively working on is how to get XP in Battlefield 2042. The developers have seen that players are using Portal mode to farm XP and are planning to fix it. DICE had temporarily disabled progression in Solo, Co-op, and Custom Portal experiences. The developers are currently monitoring the situation.

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