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Europe is in a tight pandemic. Another 700,000 dead threatened by spring – TVNOVINY.sk


Nov 24, 2021

Coronavirus infections continue to rise in Europe. It’s been 11 percent in the last week. According to WHO experts, another 700,000 deaths are threatened on the continent by spring, she said. BBC.

“The European region remains in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said European Head of Section Hans Kluge.

The number of victims of the covid may exceed two million by March 2022 if sufficient anti-pandemic measures are not taken as soon as possible. The European region, which includes up to 53 countries, already has more than 1.5 million deaths from COVID-19. This lung disease, which in the vast majority of cases is caused by delta variants, is currently the leading cause of death throughout Europe and Central Asia.

As many as 25 countries will experience severe to extreme congestion in terms of hospital bed capacity. In addition, up to 49 out of 53 countries will experience high to extreme intensive care units (ICUs).

“In order to live with this virus and continue our lives, we need to practice a ‘vaccination plus’ approach. This means being vaccinated with standard doses of (anti-cancer) vaccines, taking a booster dose if possible, while taking precautionary measures “- wearing towels, hand washing, ventilation and so on,” Kluge said.

The epidemiological situation in Europe in week 45 Photo: www.ecdc.europa.eu

Three main reasons for the rapid spread of the disease

The WHO report further presented three main reasons for the current extremely rapid spread of coronavirus. The first is the dominance of the delta variant, which is currently responsible for at least 99 percent of covid cases in each country in the European region.

Another factor is the fact that many governments have indicated to their people that COVID-19 is no longer such a big threat and have relaxed many anti-epidemic measures, including the obligation to wear drapes or keep distance.

The third reason is the still insufficient vaccination rate and the declining level of protection against infection and mild disease in vaccinated people. In the WHO European Region, 53.5 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, with some countries achieving more than 80 percent vaccination, while others have not even 10 percent.

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