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He was painful with vodka and cocaine, his body almost dry from AIDS. This is what the last days of Freddie Mercury looked like interez.sk – Interez.sk


Nov 24, 2021

Extravagant and energetic performance on stage, not interested in media pressure, but especially the iconic irreplaceable voice. Freddie Mercury, for his work and legacy, can rightly rank among the greatest music revolutionaries of all time, who forever influenced the music industry. The wild life with a famous career ended soon due to the insidious disease, while even in the last days of his life Freddie directed himself according to himself.

“He didn’t look well when he entered the room. He was in bad shape. It was hard for him to walk, he even had a hard time. He just asked to pour shots of vodka. He drank one, asked for another, leaned back and walked away, “ thus describes the gistaritsta Brian May in the new documents the final period of the life of the iconic singer of the band Queen.

Life Freddie Mercury marked by a spectacular career, during which they released dozens of well-known and still playing hits with the band Queen. They are definitely among the most resonant Another One Bites the Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, We Are the Champions, Love of My Life, Under Pressure or I Want to Break Free. During his active period, the charismatic native of Zanzibar also made his way on the solo journey, when he worked as a producer and guest musician for other singers.

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Mercury, born in 1946 with the name Farrokh Bulsara, was the son of Indian Pars, who came from India via Zanzibar to Great Britain. Farrokh himself attended a boys’ high school in India and had been a British citizen since birth, as Zanzibar was under colonial rule in the United Kingdom at the time, according to the portal. Rolling Stone. Mercury eventually moved at the age of 18 with his family to the outskirts of London, where graduated college with a focus on art and design.

A career and lifestyle that has taken its toll

Bulsara knew from a young age that he wanted to dedicate his life to music and performing in front of a crowd. After school, he took up several positions, while already singing in the band Smile with longtime colleagues, the drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May. The carousel of success is also according to Taylor’s interview for Reader’s Digest twisted in the early 70’s. At that time, a bass player joined the band John Deacon, the grouping changed its name from Smile to Queen and Farrokh himself officially changed his name to Freddie Mercury.

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Queen began recording albums, and their energy and new wave of rock music brought them a rocketing to the top of the charts around the world. Large tours across continents and constant concerts at the time were often marked by wild rides that did not lack drugs or alcohol. At that time, Mercury’s orientation, which had previously been the subject of many discussions, was also fully manifested. Freddie was considered bisexual by the public, but his homosexuality and long list of one-off partners came to light later.

AIDS didn’t stop him

According to the authors of a biography about Mercury called Somebody to Love: The Life, The Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury, were the first signs of the disease as early as 1982, when Freddie underwent several covert visits to doctors in New York. According to the memories of his long-term partner Jim Hutton, Mercury tested positive for HIV in April 1987. At that time, the singer kept it a secret, but only a small circle of the closest people informed about the result and the disease.

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“We probably made the biggest concert strings of our lives. It was great and we were happy. But Freddie came and said he could no longer rule, that he could no longer do it. He still wanted to record, he had quite a bit of energy, but he often ran away and came back with burns and skin problems on his hands. We didn’t want to ask much because it was definitely annoying for him. We continued to record, but it was self-deception, “ he quotes May’s confession Independent.

Leaving behind and concealing until the last minute

Mercury and his loved ones kept the severe course of the disease and the impending death a secret, but by then it was obvious. “He withdrew, he didn’t show up, it wasn’t customary for him. He was known to be a homosexual with a promiscuous life, and he was to blame. ” further describes the guitarist. In June 1991, Freddie moved to his home in London, where he was about to die. He refused all drugs and only worked on alcohol and painkillers.

In the advanced stages of the disease, Freddie still had a positive attitude towards cocaine. “Kensington Police (where Mercury had a house) she knew Freddie was taking and harboring cocaine. They didn’t solve it. At the time, it was not a problem to get it anywhere in London. But Freddie was not addicted. He took cocaine about 4 times a week, he always had something left for the next day, “ recalls in an interview for Vice Mercury’s personal assistant Peter Freestone.

At the beginning of November, a circle of closest people called the house, including a former fiancée and a life girlfriend. Mary Austin. They mention Freddie at the last minute in interview also others present in the house, Peter Freestone and David Clark: “We carried his withered and weak body down the stairs because he still wanted to see his collection of art and career memories.”

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Freddie and the surrounding area effectively concealed his illness until the last day of his life. On November 22, Mercury’s agent issued Jim Beach, an official opinion on the disease and the state of the 45-year-old music legend.

“Also, due to the huge pressure from the media in recent weeks, I would like to inform you that I am tested positive for HIV and therefore have AIDS. I considered it right to keep this information private. But now the time has come, dear friends and fans. I hope that we will unite and all fight together against this terrible disease. My privacy has always been a priority for me. Please understand that at this time as well. ”

The statement circulated the world a day later. Freddie Mercury eventually died in a circle on November 24, 1991 in London, of pneumonia caused by the HIV virus. According to family traditions, Mercury’s body was cremated and buried under his maiden name. Despite living with his partner Jim Hutton for the past 7 years or so, he has transferred all of his assets worth about 9.5 million euros, as well as 50% of all shares and media rights, to Mary Austin, the love of his life. He left the rest of the shares and cash to his partner, parents and sister.

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The film hit also tells a lot about Freddy Mercury’s life and career Bohemian Rhapsody, where he ingeniously performed the main role Rami Malek. Thirty years ago, due to the underdeveloped treatment of the HIV virus at the time, the world lost a huge cultural and musical icon that influenced generations and brought hits that, thanks to their originality, are likely to survive forever.

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