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Nicolas Hulot: what is in the “Special Envoy” of November 25 – The HuffPost


Nov 24, 2021

Charles Platiau / Reuters

Nicolas Hulot, pictured here in 2018 when he was still Minister of Ecological Transition, will be at the heart of a report by “Special Envoy” in which several women accuse him of sexual violence.

SEXUAL VIOLENCE – He preferred to go to the front of the controversy. This Wednesday, November 24, former minister Nicolas Hulot presented himself on the set by BFMTV to anticipate the broadcast of a documentary that should make people talk: an issue of “Special Envoy”, the program presented by Elise Lucet, in which several women accuse him of rape and sexual assault, and which must be broadcast Thursday 25 November.

“I want to say it without formula, without element of language: neither near or far, I did not commit these acts”, he declared thus vis-a-vis Bruce Toussaint. And to add: “I do not even know who it is.”

For good reason: the environmental activist, who announced in passing to withdraw completely from public life, did not wish to answer the journalists of France 2 and was therefore not confronted with his accusers. “The show in which I will be implicated has distilled me in a trickle of information on the condition that I agree to respond to these accusations in their own show.”

A “Special Envoy” and secret

But what does this report really contain? “It is the best kept secret of France Televisions”, just indicated the public audiovisual group to our colleagues from Parisian. “We only communicate in the group”, explained Elise Lucet joined by Release, without commenting on the words of Nicolas Hulot.

On the page dedicated to the show on the website of Franceinfo, there is no direct mention of an investigation concerning Nicolas Hulot.

However, several elements have already been revealed, some by the person concerned during his preventive denial on the set of BFMTV.

We know that during four years of investigation, the teams of “Special Envoy” gathered several testimonies of women accusing the former minister and presenter of “Ushuaia Nature”. “The most serious of these accusations dates back to 1989, that is to say at 32 years old”, himself explained Nicolas Hulot during his visit to BFMTV.

According to the news channel, this complaint would concern a relationship imposed on a young woman after a shooting of her show, then broadcast on TF1. Likewise, “kissing attempts” would be blamed on the old icon of ecology in France.

Five accusers

In total, we learn from the Parisian, five women testify in the documentary. Information confirmed by Nicolas Hulot during his explanations. “At first,” he says, reporters told him about four testimonies, then a fifth. Women who would denounce facts of “sexual assault and even rape,” he said.

On the other hand, the former minister assures that he has no idea of ​​the identity of his accusers. “I don’t even know who it is,” he proclaimed. And to add that he did not even “explain” the reason for such a volley of accusations, assuring that “it did not even exist”.

In 2018, Nicolas Hulot had already been targeted by charges of the same type. At the time, the magazine Ebdo, which has since ceased to appear, had published a controversial investigation including in particular a complaint for rape filed ten years earlier against the former TV host for facts dating back to 1997, which had been dismissed, the acts denounced being “Prescribed”. The person had already anticipated the publication to go defend himself. It was already on BFMTV.

The author of the complaint, not named in Ebdo, was Pascale Mitterrand, granddaughter of the former president. She then said she never wanted to publicize the case.

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