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PHOTO + VIDEO This is the new Ford Ranger. Four diesel engines, more space and 3.0 V6 – Podkapotou.sk


Nov 24, 2021

The Ford Ranger will enter global markets with four diesel engines. No hybrid, no gasoline.

You will not be able to order a new Ford Ranger for another year. The brand will open orders at the end of next year, but will import the first pieces to Europe at the beginning of 2023. The new Ranger is larger indoors and outdoors. The underbody has four diesel engines, three of which have a volume of 2.0 liters and one is a completely redesigned and adapted for the Ranger three-liter six-cylinder 3.0 TDCi from the Ford workshop. The three-liter V6 will be available from the start of sales along with three other diesel specifications. Both a manual six-speed and an automatic 10-speed transmission should be available. It will be controlled for the first time via the e-shifter without a physical connection between the gearbox and the gear lever.

Next Gen Ranger Design Morph GIF

There are quite a few design changes, twelve years after the introduction of the current generation, this car is built on new foundations. However, it still stands on the ribbed frame, it will still have a priority driven rear axle, it will have a reduction and all-wheel drive.

Ford has not yet talked about the exact parameters of the engines, but writes that the double-liter will be available in two versions with one turbocharger and one will be a bi-turbo version, which you can find in the Podkapota of the current Raptor and buy it in Wildtrak. Wildtrak is confirmed today, as is XLT, but Raptor is more of the music of the future.

The car has a new digital instrument panel on board and two large infotainment displays with a diagonal of 10.1 to 12 inches. Both systems will run on the new Sync 4 with the ability to control the car via the Ford Pass app. This will allow you to monitor the status of the car remotely, start the engine remotely, or unlock remotely.

The car also has a 360 ° camera view around the car, which should help not only when maneuvering in the city, especially when driving in difficult terrain.

The vehicle has a wheelbase 50 mm longer and a wheelbase 50 mm wider. The larger width ensures the possibility of storing a full-fledged pallet in the cargo space. The rear space can also be divided by users so that they do not have to drag all the details into the cabin. In the gallery you will find a lot of photos and you can see the car in great detail.

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