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EXTRAORDINARY Lockdown disputed the government: The resignation of the minister is also at stake, the schools are being decided! – Topky.sk


Nov 24, 2021

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After a tumultuous afternoon meeting, there is a conclusion and the resolution shows that Gröhling finally won his fight for open schools.

During these hours, the government is having a heated debate about whether our country will be hit by a general lockdown for all or only for certain people. However, according to the original agreement, even the most serious situation should not have affected the openness of schools, but this no longer seems to be the case.

The government decides on LOCKDOWNE: Slovakia is facing strict restrictions! A clear message from the chief hygienist

Will he threaten to resign?

According to our information, the Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský (nom. OĽaNO) came to the government to negotiate a new proposal, namely the closure of schools, which, according to Gröhling’s previous words, did not fall into the scenario even in the worst case scenario of a pandemic. Our sources have told us that the Minister of Education is fighting against Lengvarski’s proposal in large numbers, but if the government decides to vote in favor, the SaS boycott will be weak so that the proposal does not pass.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

The situation could theoretically go so far that the Minister of Education would fight Lengvarski’s proposal to the extent that Gröhling’s resignation was at stake, as confirmed by several sources.

EXTRAORDINARY Lockdown disputed the government:

Source: TASR – Pavel Neubauer

The decision to close some schools was also accepted consortium of experts. “Interrupt full-time teaching for the period from 25 November to 3 December 2021 for pupils in the 2nd level of primary schools, secondary schools and universities. Maintain only full-time teaching at the first stage of primary schools and kindergartens. Cancel all out-of-school activities of children,” it is written in the proposal. Thus, only full-time teaching at the first stage of primary school and in kindergartens should be preserved.

They collect data from schools

The Ministry of Education defends itself by collecting data every week. “It’s a huge package of data from about 6,000 schools and entities. According to them, we have 1.4% of positive students last week. , “ claims the resort.

If this rate, which is 1.4% positive every week, is said to be maintained, it would take 72 weeks, ie 1 year and 4 months, to overcome the delta variant for all pupils.

The minister responded with government status

Currently, 82.7 percent of students in schools attend full-time education, and 17.3 percent of schoolchildren in the distance form. Data were provided by 89.3 percent of schools. The Minister of Education, Branislav Gröhling, is defending the current state of education in the status quo directly from the government. “In addition, we have a fixed group of people in schools. There is always the same group in the classroom that we can easily isolate if a positive person shows up. This does not apply to a shop, restaurant, mall or other facility. If a positive person shows up in a restaurant “it is practically impossible to isolate the people he came in contact with,” the Minister explains.

EXTRAORDINARY Lockdown disputed the government:

Source: Facebook / Branislav Gröhling – Education is the future of the country

In the previous week, they performed 379,959 antigenic self-tests in schools. 1.6 percent of students and 3.3 percent of school staff are confirmed positive. According to the Ministry of Education, the first dose of vaccinated children aged 12 to 17 is 27.3 percent. The second dose is vaccinated 24 percent of students.

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