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The new coalition in the Czech Republic presented a plan to fight the covid – SME.sk


Nov 24, 2021

Not the number of cases, but the capacity of hospitals are the basic indicator for the new coalition.

PRAGUE. The main indicator of the seriousness of the pandemic situation will be the capacity of hospital beds after the expected arrival of the new Czech government, especially in intensive care units.

The prime minister’s candidate said this on Wednesday Petr Fiala at a press conference of representatives of the coalition Spolu (ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09), Pirates and the STAN movement, at which they presented their plan to fight the pandemic.

Hospital capacity as a basic indicator

Hospital capacities, not the number of cases, are “a basic indicator that will be the main indicator for us for further action,” Fiala said.

The emerging coalition reiterated that it would not proceed with the general closure of schools or the extension of the Christmas holidays. “We will do everything we can to keep the impact on education to a minimum,” said Fiala.

The future government wants to rely mainly on PCR tests to identify those infected, so it plans to increase the capacity of testing centers to 200,000 tests per day.

The candidate for Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek also proposes mandatory PCR testing for people who have been fully vaccinated for more than six months and have not received a booster dose, which he said is crucial. War stressed the need to involve general practitioners in the vaccination campaign. However, according to the War, compulsory vaccination is not a good solution.

War wants the future government to start recognizing sufficient levels of antibodies to covid as a confirmation of infectivity, as well as a negative PCR test. Currently, only vaccination or overcoming the disease is recognized for this purpose.

Pandemic law change

The emerging government further announced a change in the current pandemic law. “We are already talking about this in the expert team so that we can present a change in the pandemic law shortly after taking office in those areas where it did not work ideally,” said STAN chairman Vít Rakúšan.

Chairman of the Pirates Ivan Bartoš criticized the incumbent prime minister’s government Andrej Babiš for not providing quality data on the pandemic.

“Often there was no quality data structure that would help politicians assess the epidemic at the regional or national level,” Bartos said.

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48 people died with covid in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, 32,408 since the beginning of the pandemic. Since the beginning of November, an average of 67 infected people have died every day, writes the iDNES.cz server.

There have been 25,864 cases in the past 24 hours coronavirus, which is the highest daily increase since the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to current data from the Czech Ministry of Health, there are 5,652 people in the country’s covid wards. 799 of them are in serious condition, which is the most since April 21, 2020.

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