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Former big rival Velez-Zuzul praises Vlhová: She is one step ahead of Shiffrinová – ŠPORT.sk


Nov 24, 2021

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While Petra Vlhová repeated her two slalom triumphs a year ago in Levi, Finland, another originally from Liptáček, but with the Czech flag behind her, Martina Dubovská ranked in absolute place in sixth place.

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Statisticians have noticed that this is the best placement of a Czech slalom racer since March 2017, when Šárka Strachová finished second in the American Squaw Valley and ended her career shortly thereafter.

“It simply came to my notice then. Maybe also because I know what it’s like to stand at the start of a race. How many times have I said it’s nothing, but it’s not that simple. Even in the case of Martina Dubovská, it’s often about what her head allows, “ stated Šárka Strachová (for free Záhrobská) to the address of a Slovak woman with a Czech passport in an interview on the web iDnes.cz.

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Veronika Velez-Zuzul, a former big rival, enjoyed the race in Levi for the first time as a television co-commentator. And she praised 29-year-old Martina Dubovská, who scored 60 points for 13th and 6th place in the evaluation of the Slalom World Cup, where she is currently in 9th place.

“I liked how calm her ride on the slope looks. It doesn’t have bigger problems, it doesn’t make mistakes, it doesn’t look like it. Last season, it never happened that she did not finish the race, she scored in all of them. Before Saturday’s slalom, I told Martin to go with a clear head. After the 13th place, I wrote her that she is one of the best, but on Sunday let her add more risk to her rides. And after the 6th place, I added that she showed that she has it, “ evaluated Šárka Strachová’s actions of Dubovská in Levi.

Sarka Strachova.

Source: TASR

Petra Vlhová looks confident

The holder of the medal set from the World Championships and the bronze medalist from the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver has no doubt that Petra Vlhová and Mikaela Shiffrinová will rule the world women’s slalom. Why is that so?

“Mikaela has always been extremely stable, she has excellent technique and psychological resilience. Petra has gradually reached her level and is now one step ahead of her. It is questionable how Mikael is affected by back pain. However, Petra now looks confident, showing four perfect rides over the weekend. In addition, they are both athletes who know how to mentally stop running after the 1st round, “ said Šárka Strachová.

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The former world slalom skier also commented on Petra Vlhová’s often publicized work breakup with Livio Magoni and the engagement of the new coach Mauro Pini. “It’s still about the team and Petra probably didn’t have it with Livio. They’ve been together for a long time. And even if they have achieved great results, after four years it is always good to refresh and change the team.

Otherwise, its members may cycle. New ideas and insights bring new energy to the training. Some things can’t be done the same for 10 years, ” the winner of two World Cup races and the holder of 17 podium places thought.

Šárka Strachová added to the address of Martina Dubovská and her possible shift in the future: “She definitely has to drive regularly in the TOP10. And when you finish steadily around 7th place, you catch your day and some opponents make mistakes, you can attack somewhere up to 4th place. Petra Vlhová, Mikaela Shiffrinová, Wendy Holdenerová or Anna Swennová Larssonová are still a few steps ahead of Martina Dubovská. However, each of them can make a mistake, it often happens in slalom. ”

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