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On LCI, Renaud Muselier announces that he is leaving the Republicans party – LCI


Nov 24, 2021

INTERVIEW – After giving his support to Xavier Bertrand the day before, Renaud Muselier, president of the Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d’Azur region, announced this Wednesday morning on LCI his departure from the Les Républicains party.

Action reaction. After 35 years in the mysteries of the Republicans party, Renaud Muselier, president of the PACA region, announced that he was leaving his party this Wednesday morning on the LCI set. “It is an important decision carefully considered”, says the elected, and which follows his support swept aside by Xavier Bertrand the day before on Twitter.

“I do not find myself in this drift to the extreme right. It is not a whim. I am unhappy because it is the end of a beautiful story. I was with Chirac on the board. security, I was minister (…) I owe a lot and I have brought a lot to my political family “, he confides in front of Elizabeth Martichoux.

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“Our political family is in great danger”

Tuesday, Renaud Muselier had brought his voice, in an interview with Parisian, in favor of Xavier Bertrand, believing that it was time to fight against certain members of the LR too close to the ideas of Eric Zemmour. In the viewfinder: Eric Ciotti, representative of the hard wing of the Republicans and also candidate for the primary of the right. But in the name of his “friendship” for his direct competitor, Xavier Bertrand refused his support.

“When I am told, you must not touch Eric Ciotti … it is not possible. There is an impassable line and today, we cross the line from one side to the other without anyone don’t say anything “, castigates Renaud Muselier.

Before making his decision, the president of Paca warned Christian Jacob of his departure from the party. “He told me that we will meet again later. He knows very well that our political family is in great danger at the moment”, plant the chosen one.

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For Eric Ciotti, Renaud Muselier “had already left”

In the process, Eric Ciotti reacted to the withdrawal of his political rival. “He’s already gone. He’s been in the camp for several months, even years. He attempted a small division maneuver remotely controlled by the Elysee. It failed.”, assures the candidate at the microphone of LCI.

Asked about this possible rapprochement with LaRem, Renaud Muselier does “Does not believe to join Emmanuel Macron. I will already see if he is a candidate.”

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