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“She bought herself a nasty trip”: Celine Dion’s family demolishes Valérie Lemercier’s biopic – Closer


Nov 24, 2021

While Aline, the film by Valérie Lemercier inspired by the life of Celine Dion, was released in theaters a few weeks ago, the relatives of the Quebec star saw it. And the verdict is scathing for the director and actress.

Valérie Lemercier risks being persona non grata in Quebec. Already “traumatized” by her first experience in the homeland of Celine Dion, here is that the director and actress recently released in the cinema Aline, presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, and inspired by the life of the famous star. If she feared the fallout of this feature film from the singer herself, whom she applied to imitate even in the facial expressions, Valérie Lemercier was also frightened by the reaction of Quebecers who were waiting for her “with a brick”. However, she had surely not apprehended the remarks of other people: the brothers and sisters of Celine Dion.

Coming from a family of fourteen children, the Quebec singer has always been able to count on the support of her siblings during her career, but also, to defend herself. As recently did Michel and Claudette Dion, his godfather and godmother, also big brother and big sister, who saw Aline, and even shot it down. My mother never spoke like that to René, and Céline never wanted for anything. We pass for a gang of Bougon. I know their history. I’m sorry, but in Charlemagne, we didn’t have a cabin “, confided Claudette Dion in The week of 4 Julie, presented by Julie Snyder in Canada, and relayed by jeanmarcmorandini.com.

Claudette Dion: “I don’t recognize the family”

Referring to passages from the film, the one who recently gave news on Celine Dion’s state of health, also knocked out Valérie Lemercier, who according to her emphasized an unhappy side of the singer’s story , which however never was. “It was always clean in the house. We always say that we have never known misery because mum knew how to do everything and dad had three jobs. I don’t recognize the language, I don’t recognize the family, I do not recognize our roots. Valérie Lemercier had a nasty trip on the back of Celine’s life, she denounced, while her brother Michel was not more tender. “When I see a movie like that, and I know the story, the film that we saw Claudette and me, that’s not what we think, he clarified. So bitter failure with the Dion family …

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