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In Germany, the SPD, the Greens and the Liberals reach a coalition agreement – archyworldys


Nov 24, 2021

After sixteen years of power of Angela Merkel, a new political era begins in Germany. The Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals unveiled, Wednesday afternoon, November 24, their government agreement to form the coalition that will come to power, almost two months after the legislative elections marked by a historic debacle for the conservative camp of the chancellor.

The three formations distributed the ministerial portfolios. The Greens get the foreign affairs and climate ministries. The very important and prestigious morocco of finance goes to the Liberals.

The SPD is preparing to take power in an unprecedented alliance with environmentalists and the liberal FDP party. These three formations presented in Berlin their ” contract “ government, detailing their program and negotiated for several weeks. Previously, they had to make a final round table to settle the details of an agreement that gives pride of place to environmental protection, including an anticipated exit from coal in 2030, against 2038 previously.

The doors of the Chancellery are now wide open for the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, 63, who should be made chancellor in early December by members of the Bundestag. Germany will then turn the page on the Merkel years, which has only been managing current affairs for a month.

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The coalition agreement was finalized after vigorous negotiations. Time was running out, while the Covid-19 pandemic has never been so virulent with daily records of new infections and the fear of saturation of hospitals. Sign of growing nervousness in the face of the outbreak of contaminations, Angela Merkel received Tuesday evening at the chancellery the leaders of the parties of the future coalition known as ” traffic light “. On Wednesday, the outgoing Minister of the Economy announced that the country will extend its aid to businesses until April 2022.

the “Coalition contract” between the three parties defines all the economic, environmental and societal reforms that the next government will implement. It was developed in record time: after exploratory discussions, Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals got to the heart of the matter on October 21 with the constitution of more than twenty working groups. On the evening of the elections, everyone had expressed their desire to go quickly so as not to repeat the scenario of 2017 when Angela Merkel took more than five months to form her government, paralyzing Europe.

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The rapid conclusion of a government agreement should reassure other European countries, worried after the legislative elections to see Germany, a heavyweight of the European Union, without a real captain on board, when the Twenty-Seven face a new major crisis at their doorstep with the influx orchestrated by Belarus of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis to the border with Poland.

Olaf Scholz, familiar with the mysteries of negotiation, has already taken his first steps on the international scene by accompanying Angela Merkel to the G20 summit last month in Rome and by participating informally in the main bilateral talks, in particular with US President Joe Biden. For the first time in sixteen years, the SPD, which came first in the legislative elections with 25.7% of the vote, will once again lead the government of the main European economy.

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